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Badminton Courts in

Brighton is a great city for lovers of badminton and Playfinder is here to help you find a court near you. Whether it's in a sports hall or a studio, we can find the perfect badminton court for you.

As one of the best racquet sports to play, badminton offers a tremendous amount of benefits for participants. Whether it’s in singles or doubles, badminton is a fun and exciting sport to pick up if you’re looking for an activity that boosts your physical, mental and social aspects of health.

BACA Sports Centre

Badminton players in and around Brighton should make sure they get down to BACA Sports Centre where the facilities are second-to-none. There are a number of top courts available, each can be booked online or through the free app. The nets and markings are well maintained and the courts are ideal for doubles and singles matches. Indoor courts make it possible to enjoy games all through the year. Leagues and competitions are easily hosted here too. If you need to hire shuttlecocks or rackets, check with reception to see if it’s possible before confirming your online booking. Please use non-marking trainers for the sports hall.

The Manor Road Gym

The Manor Road Gym has a pristine sports hall available for badminton bookings for anyone based around the South Coast. The sports hall has space for multiple courts and the sharp lights make it easy to play at all times. Badminton is always played indoors here away from the wind and it means the sport is possible to be played for twelve months of the year. The courts are interchangeable for singles and doubles. There are watching areas for spectators too, but be careful to bring too many fans to avoid encroaching on the playing areas. Please check if equipment can be hired before placing a booking.

Brighton Youth Centre

Badminton is a hugely popular sport to play at the Brighton Youth Centre. There is a very cool sports hall area which can host badminton, whether you’re after a game of singles or doubles. It’s a unique environment to play as there is a handcrafted mural with a mix of imagery and graffiti. The sports hall is well lit with a number of narrow windows running around the room, while lights are an option when the winter months upon us. If you’re looking to set-up a tournament or a league, then Brighton Youth Centre is a brilliant location for either. It’ll be worth checking in with reception if you or teammates require additional rackets or shuttlecocks to hire.

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