Filming at Sports Facilities

Playfinder work with a variety of venues in London, Manchester, and Dublin that allow filming at  sports facilities.

Whether you’re looking to film online content, a music video, or a TV advert, we have a location that will suit your requirements.

Or if you represent a sports facility, join our filming venue list and see below for how you can increase exposure for your venue!

Filming at sports facilities

For filming at sports facilities, we hire out:

  • Football pitches: 3G astroturf, grass, indoor, artificial
  • Sports Halls
  • Outdoor courts
  • Changing rooms

Film at a Playfinder venue

We can offer you access to 200+ venues across London, Manchester, and Dublin.

Not sure where exactly you want to film? Our dedicated Bookings team will scout a location based on your criteria and liaise with venues on your behalf. We have an extensive list of facilities that allow filming to save you the hassle of finding a location yourself.

Discounts are available on case by case basis. In exchange, we ask that you credit us in your work in the form of a link to our website and social media exposure.

We’ve worked with:

Join our list of filming venues

Join our list of go-to venues that we recommend to our clients for filming at sports facilities.

Inform us of your filming policy and any discounts or free bookings you are willing to offer to incentivise clients.

In return, we ask our client to credit is us in their work where possible, along with the name of the venue they filmed at.


Case Study: The Sidemen at Drapers Field, Leyton

Drapers Field is a partner of ours to which we have sent many local YouTube creators. These YouTube superstars, known as the Sidemen, have a combined social following of over 30 million users

  • 157% increase in venue page views per month
  • 3.7m view on average per video
  • 80% increase in bookings and enquiries



For more information, or to submit a filming enquiry, please use the contact box above.

Find your nearest sports facility here.

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