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Over 2,000 football pitches for hire

Over 2,000 football pitches for hire

Play football on the best pitches in London. Choose from 5 a side, 7 a side and 11 a side pitches on a variety of surfaces.

Over 2,750 tennis courts for hire

Over 2,750 tennis courts for hire

Find and book tennis courts in London. Whether it’s a casual knockabout or competitive match, we’ll have the perfect court for you.

Over 500 badminton courts for hire

Over 500 badminton courts for hire

Find badminton courts in London. One of the capital’s favourite sports and can be played all year round.

Over 330 squash courts for hire

Over 330 squash courts for hire

Find and book squash courts in London. Squash is the ideal after-work sport to relieve the stresses of the day.

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Want to organise an after-work game, find a pitch for your team to call home, or get your own back on a mate who played you off the court? Playfinder will help you find your nearest sports facility in London. Just select your sport, enter your location and hit the search button.


Now you’ve found the perfect pitch, court, gym or club, send an enquiry to the sports facility through the form on our website, or make an instant online booking through our calendar to get booked in. We work with the best sports facilities in London to make organising your game that much easier.


You’ve found a great pitch or court in London, you’re booked in, and all that’s left to do is play. You’ve provided the perfect setting to show them what you’re made of and the best part is, win or lose, you can do it all again next week.

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Read the Playfinder blog to keep up to date with the best places to play sport in London and the latest grassroots sports news.

PLAYFINDER for Sports Venue Operators

Whether you're a council, school, community group or leisure centre, becoming a Playfinder Partner can benefit your sports venue in number of ways

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We enable venues to take online bookings, resulting in increased booking conversion rates and revenue
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Benefit from Playfinder marketing campaigns giving your venue increased exposure
Operational Support
We manage all email and phone enquiries, as well as invoices and block booking waiting lists