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Based on the South Coast, Bournemouth has a very impressive grassroots sports scene and there are a wide selection of top quality facilities available for booking online or through the app. Eddie Howe’s titanic effort to gain promotion to the Premier League for Bournemouth has had a lasting impact on grassroots football. Players have the option to pick to play at a variety of football venues that can cater for 11-a-side, 9-a-side, 7-a-side and 5-a-side formats. Bournemouth’s football pitches range from grass, astroturf, 3G or indoors. Many of the outdoor football pitches have floodlights installed to ensure games go on all year around.

Netball is a very popular sport to play in Bournemouth and expected to gain even more interest with the World Cup being hosted in England in 2019. Netball is great for mixed or same-sex games and netball players can pick from one-off games or a league. Racket sports are popular to play in Bournemouth as well. There are lots of tennis, badminton and squash courts which can be simply booked online. Each of these sports are a wonderful way to keep fit and boost mental wellbeing. Lots of racket sport coaches live in Bournemouth if you’re a player looking for some additional training. Rugby pitches can be booked in Bournemouth.

Pitches and courts in Bournemouth

PlayFootball Bournemouth Littledown

PlayFootball Bournemouth Littledown is one of the best grassroots football facilities on the South Coast. There is a wide selection of 3G pitches available for booking online or through the app. In total there are 12 3G football pitches available for Bournemouth’s footballers. PlayFootball Bournemouth Littledown is perfect for players wanting one-off matches or regular weekly fixtures. There is a thriving female and mixed football team environment too. All of the 3G football pitches are looked after immaculately by a dedicated workforce. It’s worth checking about what football footwear is required. Pokestown is the best station for those footballers arriving by public transport.

PlayFootball Bournemouth Pelhams

PlayFootball Bournemouth is a top quality football facility, based just off Manor Farm Road. Footballers who live in or around Bournemouth are able to play on 8 incredible 3G football pitches. All the pitches are well looked after by the PlayFootball employees. The nets, markings and surfaces are all in wonderful condition. PlayFootball Bournemouth works well for one-off games and block bookings for players wanting a regular kick about. There are plenty of mixed and all women games for people to get involved in. It will be worth checking in with the reception before arriving to clarify what footwear is possible to use on the 3G football pitches.

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