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Swindon is a super place to immerse yourself in the wonders of recreational sports. Those lucky enough to live in and around Swindon have a plethora of sporting options to choose from. Playing regular sports is an unbeatable way to maintain physical fitness while simultaneously developing mental wellbeing. Footballers can select from a wide range of formats, that include 11-a-side, 7-a-side and 5-a-side. These formats can be enjoyed on artificial, 3G or astro-turf surfaces, as well as the traditional grass format. Sports are a wonderful way to meet new people and Swindon has access to cricket, tennis, squash and netball facilities - to name a few.

Each of these sports can simply be booked online and there are both indoor and outdoor playing options to ensure games can go on all year around. There are casual one-off games for sports lovers in Swindon and then more competitive options for players wanting to test themselves against others. Netball is enjoying a huge lift in exposure following the England Roses winning the Commonwealth games and Swindon has lots of excellent netball facilities. The Netball World Cup will help build further excitement and drive people to the sport for the first time or get back into it following a lay-off.

Pitches and courts in Swindon

Dorcan Recreational Complex

Dorcan Recreational Complex is a cracking grassroots sports facility where players will find a state-of-the-art 3G football pitch. It’s full size, but can also accommodate 7-a-side football bookings. The full size pitch is perfect for casual kick abouts or for league sides looking for a regular home. There are dividing nets installed to make it simple to split the full-size pitch into three 7-a-side pitches. Whatever format footballers choose to play, there are professional markings to divide the pitches and hard-working staff maintain the quality of the goals. It’s worth checking with the venue manager whether footballs, bibs or referees can be hired for a football fixture.

Croft Sports Centre

Croft Sports Centre is a beautiful recreational sports facility in Swindon that is perfect for footballers who have a passion for the smaller format of the game. Players can find and book 5-a-side and 9-a-side formats - both on a pristine 3G surface. There is a cage running around the pitches to ensure the ball doesn’t fly too far following a miss. These pitches are great for one-off kick abouts or a team wanting regular games through a block booking. Croft Sports Centre is fortunate to have floodlights surrounding the pitches to allow for games to continue for the entire year, if you can handle the winter months!

Oasis Leisure Centre

Oasis Leisure Centre is home to four spectacular small-format football pitches. Each of these can simply be found and booked online or the app should you be out and about. The pitches are all 5-a-side are the brilliant 3G surface. There are barriers surrounding the pitches to ensure for a fast game that will really test players’ fitness. A dedicated staff-force ensure the pitches remain in top condition and the goals remain in good nick. There are no floodlights at Oasis Leisure Centre, so be sure to make your bookings accordingly. Tournaments are easily run here as the pitches are all close by.

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