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Basketball Courts in Luton

Basketball is thriving in and around Luton as there are a wide selection of top-class grassroots courts available for booking online. The sport continues to grow in the UK as the NBA captures the imagination of players across this side of the Atlantic. It’s an incredibly fast-paced and fun sport to play and there are many formats to get involved with. Basketball can even be enjoyed as a single player sport if you’re keen to practise your shooting and dribbling skills. If you’re looking to play with friends or colleagues then one-on-one games are the perfect way to get into the sport. From there you can move up to two-on-two and then full games which require 5 players on each side.

Basketball in Luton is usually played within sports halls, but there are outdoor courts available for those looking for alternatives. Luton’s sports hall selection makes it possible to play basketball games for the entire year. Basketballs can sometimes be hired at the facilities, but it is always worth checking with reception whether they offer this service. Even just shooting hoops will help players burn around 300 calories in an hour session. While a half-court basketball game will burn 558 an hour, and stepping up to a full court game will burn around 747 calories an hour.

Lea Manor Recreation Centre

Lea Manor Recreation Centre is a slum dunk for basketball players living or working around Luton. The stunning sports hall is home to one full size basketball court and it’s available for booking online throughout the year. The indoor lighting makes it possible to play games during the winter months too. Markings and the nets are well looked after by staff on site which makes it possible to use for tournaments and league matches for those wanting a competitive test. Make sure to wear non-marking trainers for games and if you require any additional equipment, then check in with the venue to see if they hire out basketballs or bibs.

Luton Sixth Form College

Basketball is a fantastic sport to play if you’re looking to meet people and lead an active lifestyle in Luton. Luton Sixth Form College is one of the top places available for booking online and it’s clear to see why. The sports hall is perfectly set-up for basketball and the markings are all in good order. College staff maintain the backboards and nets to provide an excellent playing experience. It’s possible to book the college sports hall for competitive games for anyone wanting to run tournaments or ladders in the area. If you need to hire basketballs, it’s worth speaking with the venue to see if that is possible and any costs it entails.

Stockwood Park Academy

Bounce on down to Stockwood Park Academy if you’re a budding basketball player living or working in Luton. Stockwood Park Academy has a wonderful sports hall where grassroots players can enjoy games all year long. Basketball is great to play with friends and colleagues as it requires just five players on each side. Basketball court markings are clearly defined and the hoops are maintained with painstaking dedication. Leagues and tournaments are hosted onsite for those ballers who are looking for some competition to test themselves against. It’s also perfect for training as there is more than one court available for booking online.

Putteridge High School

Put your plans on hold and make sure you get down to Putteridge High School if you want a game of basketball in Luton. The school is home to a classic looking sports hall which has hoops at both the vertical end and horizontal ends. It makes it the ideal location for teams and clubs looking for somewhere to train and play matches. There are plenty of leagues and tournaments for local players to get involved in. The markings are in perfect condition, as are the nets and backboards. If you need to hire any equipment, then check in with the venue to see if that is possible and the costs.

Chalk Hills Academy

Looking to play grassroots basketball in Luton? Make sure you get down to Chalk Hills Academy to check out this wonderful sports hall space. There are multiple courts in the hall and they can all be booked online through The markings, nets and backboards are kept in fine condition by the staff for twelve months of the year. This makes Chalk Hills Academy a great place to get involved in local tournaments and leagues for any players wanting to test themselves against others. There are a wide selection of games to get involved in, so it’s a great way to keep active and meet people in the local area.

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