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Tennis Courts in Luton

Luton is fortunate to have a multitude of terrific places to play tennis throughout the year on whatever surface you love to play on most. Tennis courts in Luton can be found and booked online through the Playfinder platform. Courts throughout Luton range between hard, clay, grass or synthetic to enable games of all variations. Indoor grassroots courts can also be booked on Playfinder if the weather is starting to get cold and wet during the winter months. It’s a great way to meet people or catch-up with friends given the budding social nature of the sport.

Tennis rackets can be hired from select clubs in Luton, so it’s worth confirming before arriving for your game - whether preparing for singles or doubles. Many clubs run local competitions for those tennis players wanting to test themselves in a tournament format. Coaching lessons are also possible at some clubs for those players looking to work on a particular element of their game. Tennis is a wonderful way to keep fit and stay in good physical shape. The number of calories burned during a tennis game ranges between 250 to 477 per hour depending on your weight. For singles, the range is between 359 to 636 calories burned per hour, again depending on your weight.

Lewsey Sports Park

Tennis is a terrific sport and Luton’s Lewsey Sports Park is a wonderful place to enjoy grassroots tennis. The courts are outdoor and are of the hard surface variety, perfect for all levels of tennis player. Floodlights surround the courts to make it possible to play tennis all year long, if you don’t mind the cold and the rain stays away. This venue is perfect for singles, doubles and mixed games. It’s therefore a great place to meet people if you’re new to the area. Get in touch with the venue before booking to see if it’s possible to hire tennis rackets and balls - if you need them.

Stockwood Park Academy

Anyone for tennis? Make sure you hit Stockwood Park Academy for a game of tennis in Luton. This awesome venue is a hard court surface and has multiple courts available for booking online. The nets and court markings are in good order and well maintained by the staff onsite. There are floodlights available for tennis lovers keen for matches during the winter months or after work. If you’re looking for coaching or lessons, then speak with the venue to see if they have a club pro who can help. Tournaments and leagues are great for those more competitive players and a way to meet people in the local area.

Luton Sixth Form College

Luton Sixth Form College is a wonderful place to enjoy grassroots tennis in the area. The courts are of the macadam variety and maintained all year long to excellent condition - this includes the court markings and nets. There are regular tournaments and leagues run from the college for players wanting to test themselves against others, it’s also a great way to meet new people. Racket hire and tennis ball hire might be possible, but do check with the venue if that’s the final piece to getting your game on. There are changing rooms available for players coming straight from work or heading out for drinks afterwards.

Putteridge High School

Putteridge High School serves all your grassroots tennis needs. The school is home to a number of excellent concrete courts, all of which are in top condition and can be easily booked online. There are lots of tournaments and leagues for people to join if you’re keen to take on other players in the local town. This is also a great way to socialise with friends or meet new people. Tennis lessons might also be possible to book if you speak with reception about the best tennis club pro to use. Rackets and tennis balls might also be possible to hire. Check what footwear you might need to avoid marking the lovely surface.

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