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Liverpool has a deep love of grassroots sports. The city has one of the best football club rivalries in the world in the Merseyside derby, fought between Everton FC and Liverpool FC. This age-old contest has ensured that football is ingrained within Liverpool’s culture. Footballers living in Liverpool have a pick of many awesome grassroots venues that cater for 11-a-side, 7-a-side and 5-a-side games. Each format can be played on a variety of surfaces which include grass, 3G, astroturf and indoors. Leagues and tournaments are regularly run at these football facilities for players wanting a competitive test.

Netball is hugely popular here too and Liverpool is hosting the Netball World Cup 2019. Netball courts can be easily found and booked to cater for indoor and outdoor games. Tennis, badminton and squash are well loved in Liverpool too. Racket players can find courts on a variety of surfaces and the sport is a wonderful way to meet new people if you’re new to the area. Cricket is a great way to meet people too and there are plenty of pitches and nets available. Rugby, hockey and volleyball facilities are available for booking too in Liverpool and each sport develops physical and mental wellbeing.

Pitches and courts in Liverpool

Powerleague Liverpool

Powerleague Liverpool is situated in Kirkdale and is a mighty fine place to play grassroots football. There are numerous pitches for footballers to pick from and everyone of them is the beautiful 3G surface. Staff at the football venue maintain the 3G surfaces to a very high standard. The pitches are surrounded by boards to ensure the game keeps going and there is no need for throw-ins. Floodlights have also been installed to let football games continue through the darker, winter months. Leagues and tournaments are easily run from here for those footballers wanting a competitive fixture. Please call ahead to check what footwear is possible to use.

Goals Liverpool South

Speke Boulevard is home to one of Liverpool’s best grassroots football facilities, Goals Liverpool South. Players lucky enough to have played here will have experienced a wide selection of wonderful pitches. All the pitches installed are 3G and these range between 5-a-side and 7-a-side formats. There are floodlights on all the pitches to ensure football matches don’t stop in the winter evenings. Changing rooms are also available for players wanting to change before a game or before heading out with friends for a beer. Lots of leagues and tournaments are held here and offer Liverpool’s footballers a chance to test themselves competitively.

Goals Liverpool North

Goals Liverpool North is a quite magnificent grassroots football facility. Liverpool’s footballers have their pick of a multitude of brilliant 3G pitches that cater for 5-a-side and 7-a-side fixtures. The surfaces are well maintained throughout the year to ensure the ball runs true. Pitch markings and a surrounding cage put the finishing touches on Goals Liverpool North. Floodlights are found on each of the 3G pitches to make sure no kick off is missed during the darker months. Leagues and tournaments are easily played here too for any players wanting to test themselves. There are a number of mixed-gender games available too.

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