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Padel Tennis Courts in Rest of the UK

New to padel tennis? Padel was invented in Mexico in 1969 as a combination of squash and tennis. It has since grown in popularity, spreading across South America and over to Europe, where it’s now Spain’s most popular racquet sport. In the past 10 years, plenty of padel tennis courts have been built across the UK. Whether you’re looking to play in Edinburgh or Bournemouth, you can find a padel court near you.

Played on a small tennis court with squash-like walls, padel is regarded as a more accessible version of tennis. The smaller court and ability to play the ball off the walls with a solid, stringless racquets makes the ball easier to return and leads to longer rallies. The most common surface to play padel tennis on is sand-based astroturf, but the sport can also be played on hard (macadam) or synthetic rubber as these allow the ball to bounce.

If you want to learn more about padel tennis and how to play, visit our blog here.

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