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Playfinder adds Padel tennis to the platform

Playfinder launches Padel tennis as a bookable sport via their website or app. We have seen Padel tennis rocket in other countries over the past few years, and as it starts to gain momentum in the UK, Playfinder has added Padel tennis to the platform.

Padel tennis originated in Mexico in 1969, invented by Mr Enrique Corcuera, and has since seen the WPT ‘World Padel Tour’ be set up in Spain, inviting the best players from around the world to take part at the Spanish headquarters.

 What is Padel Tennis?

Some of you might be asking the exact question in a few months or even now! The rise of padel tennis has been monumental across Europe over the few years, especially in Spain who record around 6-10 million active players. Padel is usually played in doubles and the court size is one third the size of a regular tennis court.

Basic Rules of Padel


  • The ball must bounce on the ground before touching any structure and must then be returned before the second bounce
  • Players can use their own windows to return the ball
  • Volleys are permitted


  • The point starts with a serve which, like in tennis, must be hit to the opposite square
  • The serve is underhanded, with 2 attempts allowed
  • If the ball hits the net and bounces in the box, it is a let


  • Scoring is exactly the same as tennis
  • Six games are needed to win a set, and the team which wins two sets wins the match
  • Players will play a 7 point tie-breaker if the score reaches 6 games all

Why will we see it flourish in the UK?

  • Less physically demanding than tennis
  • Social sport
  • Easy to pick up/play


The ball looks the same as a regular tennis ball with less pressure inside. The padel racket itself is a solid fibreglass racket with no strings. The racket can cost between £14.99 – £100.