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Playfinder becomes world’s first sports booking company to be awarded B Corp status

We’re delighted to announce that Playfinder, powering Bookteq, has been awarded B Corp status! 

B Corp Certification

Certified Beneficial Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. As one of just 4,000 brands globally, and 800 across the UK, to become B Corp accredited, this showcases our continued commitment to the social impact Playfinder and Bookteq is having on people’s health and wellbeing. 

We remain dedicated to building a world where everyone has equal access and opportunity to sports facilities; enabling people to get active and keep healthy, and operators to more easily open up their facilities to the public and have a lasting impact in their communities.

B Corp Impact Score


Where we’ve performed strongly


Increasing social impact through ease of access

Playfinder’s impact has been felt across the sector, working with leisure operators such as GLL and Powerleague to fill spare capacity; enabling councils such as Ealing, Waltham Forest and Bedford to reach more of their local community; helping the likes of Padel4all grow padel tennis; and shining a light on hundreds of schools, sports clubs and community centres across the UK.

It has been a privilege to see the social impact we’ve had by simply making sport more accessible to people from more disadvantaged backgrounds, resulting in the lowering of IMD scores by 24%, and an increase in utilisation of facilities by over 50%.

Growing community use of facilities and spaces

It’s never been more important for operators of sports facilities to engage with local communities and make sure people have the best opportunities to get active. This has never been more important than since the pandemic, when the health of the nation has been at the forefront and people have prioritised their wellbeing.

At Playfinder we have seen the demand for sport double since 2019 as people have looked to be connected to local sports facilities up and down the country. Venues have benefitted from better online technology that has both helped keep the lights on, and put their facilities at the heart of the community. 

Empowering our team to deliver excellence

We’re proud of our dedicated and diverse workforce. We’ve built a talented team of diverse individuals, who strive to deliver exceptional products and a first-class service. We are firm believers that by creating a welcoming and inclusive environment to work in, our staff will not only grow & thrive, but will want to deliver that same care and attention throughout the customer journey.

Working at Playfinder means being empowered to make their own decisions, from when they come into work to choosing how they want to develop your skills and ultimately their career. Every member of staff is an equity holder in the business through a share option scheme, and every member is paid at least a living wage, rather than a minimum one.


Leading values, lasting impact

The process to achieve B Corp status is rigorous, and has required us to take stock of how our products and our people can play a larger part in having a significant social impact. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, of how we’re changing the way people access sports and activities, and of how we’ve helped build, grow and support a passionate team of people who live and breathe our mission. 

Jamie Foale, CEO of Playfinder, said: “Being awarded B Corp status is a proud day for the whole Playfinder team. We were founded on the idea of making it easier for people everywhere to play sports and get active. This mission continues to be at the heart of everything we do, and as the industry continues to embrace digital solutions, the social impact of Playfinder and Bookteq will only grow stronger.”