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There are many fantastic venues available for space hire to choose from across the UK, with beautiful locations to give the perfect atmosphere for any event. If you're hosting a large event or a small event, we can help by recommending the best venue to suit your needs. You can hire main halls, function rooms, theatres, studios or sports halls for dance shows, theatre shows and sports events. There are a variety of venues around England, Scotland and Wales to hire. There are many types of spaces available at different venues, including:

  • Gymnasium (Practice and shows)
  • Classrooms (Teaching and learning)
  • Playgrounds (Practising sports and other event purposes)
  • Main Halls (Events, functions and parties)
  • Kitchens (Cooking classes and event catering)
  • Fields (Holding events and big functions)
  • Bars (Events and parties)
  • Gyms (Fitness classes and professional training)
  • Dance studios (Dance classes or shows)
  • Theatres (performances, rehearsals and functions)
  • Function rooms (Events and functions)
  • Meeting rooms (Business meetings or conferences)
  • Sports halls (Functions and sporting events)

We know it can be difficult to find quality space hire, so we’ve made it easy for you to search venues that can best fit your needs.

Brune Park School

If you're looking to hire a venue in Hampshire, Brune Park is a great option. For those looking for a place to book for a party, functions and more, Brune Park is the ideal place. You can hire space for various events or occasions such as a sports hall, gymnasium, multi-use games area (MUGA), main hall, drama studio, dance studio, classrooms, and function rooms. Floodlights, changing rooms and free parking are also available.

Bay House School

Hire quality spaces at Bay House School. Located in Gosport on the south coast, Bay House School has incredible facilities and space hire options available. You can choose from a sports hall, multi-purpose studio, gymnasium, multi-use games area (MUGA), two main halls, drama studio, dance studio, and a variety of classrooms and meeting rooms to hire. This venue provides free parking and has well-maintained changing rooms. Whether you’re looking to host a big or small event, it’s one of our most trusted venues with quick responses within 24 hours and solutions of alternative space hires if your time is not available.

The Wooldale Centre for Learning (Caroline Chisholm School)

The Wooldale Centre for Learning in Northampton is a wonderful place to hire space for various events and functions. This venue is ideal to hold courses and small events as it has spacious options across the site. Space hire options they have available are main halls, various multi-purpose studios for dance and drama, a gymnasium, classrooms, a theatres, IT rooms and function rooms. Free parking is available on site meaning it’s extremely accommodating for travelling guests. The Wooldale Centre for Learning makes it the perfect facility for those hosting an event.

South Park Sports Association

South Park Sports Association is a wonderful location if you're looking for Clubhouse space hire in South London. It’s an ideal place to hold indoor as it’s spacious and allows for an excellent atmosphere. It’s a very popular location for locals, so be sure to book it early to avoid disappointment on the big day. The Clubhouse does allow people to bring their own equipment or materials, although it’s sensible to check in with the reception to confirm what is and isn’t allowed. The nearest bus stop is Sandcross Lane bus stop. This space is the perfect facility for teams hosting a game or event with free parking available.

Kings International College

Kings International College is near Frimley Park Hospital in Camberley. This venue has a variety of space hire options to choose from for your upcoming events. It is ideal for dance and drama classes that take place in their multi-purpose studios. Kings International College also has fields, a gymnasium, and a sports hall as other space hire options, complete with well maintained changing rooms. The venue has free parking, making it easily accessible by car and accommodating to guests, and is the perfect facility for teams hosting a game or event.

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