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Football Pitches in Luton

Luton has had a long association with grassroots football owing to the club Luton Town. The Hatters play in the football league and were founded in 1885. Luton have a passionate fan base and play games at Kenilworth Road in Bedfordshire. Partly thanks to Luton Town, there has been a major uptake for grassroots football in the local communities and Luton has some wonderful places to enjoy games. There is wide selection of grassroots football pitches to cater for all players’ needs. There are a good number of grass full size pitches which complement the 3G or astroturf pitches for use all through the year. The two work perfectly to ensure games are not abandoned owing to increment weather.

Smaller format football games like 5-a-side and 7-a-side are perfect for games during the week and or for those who cannot quite get the numbers required for a full game. 5-a-side and 7-a-side grassroots games also tend to be played for an hour, thirty minutes less than a full 11-a-side game, which means more games can be put on during the week. Luton has plenty of grassroots leagues and tournaments for players looking for a regular competitive challenge. Make sure you turn up with the correct footwear as the requirements do differ for the various grassroots surfaces in Luton.

Top 5-a-side Football Pitches in Luton

PlayFootball Luton

Love football and live in Luton? You’d be mad not to check out PlayFootball Luton, just by Stopsley High School. It’s one of the best places to enjoy 5-a-side matches whether playing with friends or work colleagues. There are a wide selection of pitches all bookable online using The pitches are all 3G and the floodlights surrounding the pitches make it possible to play matches throughout the year. Leagues and tournaments are available to join for players wanting a competitive challenge. Staff will sometimes allow visitors to hire footballs, but please check before arriving at the grassroots facility.

Inspire Luton Sports Village

Inspire Luton Sports Village is home to one of the finest indoor 5-a-side pitches across the whole of Luton. The pitches can all be booked online and games can be played for 12 months of the year away from the elements. Staff onsite make sure all the goals, nets and markings are up to scratch for any teams wishing to enter tournaments or competitive leagues. Please be sure to wear non-marking football shoes to keep the surfaces pristine for other players. There are changing rooms at the venue for any players coming straight from the office or heading out after the whistle blows.

Lea Manor Recreation Centre

Make sure you get down to Lea Manor Recreation Centre if you’re keen to play grassroots football in Luton. The venue is situated just by Northwell Drive and is hugely popular owing to the fact you can play both indoor and outdoor matches. The sports hall is home to the indoor pitches and can be booked online through the Playfinder platform. The outdoor pitches are 3G and there are floodlights in operation to allow games to go on for 12 months of the year, if you can handle the cold. Changing rooms are accessible for players arriving straight from work or looking to head into town after a fixture.

Top 7-a-side Football Pitches in Luton

Playfootball Luton

Big football fan and work or live around Luton? You must get down to PlayFootball Luton, located closeby to Stopsley High School. This venue is a classic place to get involved with 7-a-side fixtures whether playing amongst work colleagues or chums. There many pitches available and each can be booked online with Playfinder. The 7-a-side pitches are all 3G and the floodlights onsite allow games to go on for 12 months of the year. Tournaments and leagues are possible to join for those players wanting a regular test in a competitive environment. Platfootball staff might be able to lend balls and pumps out, but please check with staff if your game cannot start without either.

Top 11-a-side Football Pitches in Luton

Stockwood Park Athletics Centre

Stockwood Park Athletics Centre is one of the best 11-a-side grass pitches in the whole of Luton. This picturesque pitch is surrounded by a smart running track and there is still space for local supporters to come down to encourage their side. The markings and goals are in excellent condition as the staff on site really care about maintaining pitch quality. Floodlights surround the pitch and that makes it possible to play games throughout the calendar year. Being grass, players will get muddy at times but there are changing rooms available to get ready after the game or get your team together before a big derby.

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