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Rugby Pitches in Luton

Rugby in Luton has acquired a large fanbase, and there are many players out there looking to test out their rugby skills and stretch their legs on the pitch. Rugby clubs in Luton come with high quality pitches and facilities such as floodlights, changing rooms, parking areas and pay as you play capabilities. Whether it’s Union, League, touch, tag, or sevens, all have their own benefits and can be played in Luton. Rugby involves sprinting, tackling, and kicking, and helps to benefit cardiovascular fitness and endurance, while improving strength in upper and lower body, agility, ball-handling, and kicking skills. Rugby is also a hugely sociable sport and a great way to get to know fellow sports players.

Venue 360

Venue 360, in the city centre, boasts an excellent full sized grass pitch perfect for your after work rugby game. The central location makes the venue very easy to get to via public transport, with Luton Airport Parkway train station only a matter of minutes from the venue, making it easy to get to if you’re travelling from work.

Stockwood Park Rugby Club

Stockwood Park Rugby Club is the perfect location for your next rugby match. The full sized rugby pitch is kept in good condition throughout the year by the dedicated staff, so whatever the weather, your game should be good to go. The facility has free parking and changing rooms, which is perfect if you're looking to play straight after work.

Luton RFC

Home to the mighty Luton Town Rugby Club, this venue offers two full sized grass rugby pitches, which are floodlit and equipped with changing rooms if you’re coming straight from work. The ground staff at Luton RFC take brilliant care of the playing fields, which have brilliant concise line markings. The club is active in multiple leagues as well offering a variety of social events. There is easy access to the venue by Luton Airport Parkway station or by car with parking facilities at the ground available.

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