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Top 5-a-side Team Names

When creating your team, choosing a 5-a-side team name is a crucial, creative and exciting responsibility. Although it may seem an easy task, 5-a-side team names are trickier than they look! Chances are you and your team will spend a long time arguing over the perfect name. 

Here at Playfinder, we have listed our favourite 5-a-side team names to give you one less thing to worry about when trying get your team together. A good 5-a-side team name can make your team stand out from the rest, so make sure you choose wisely! 

Current Players – Football Team Names 

Flying without Ings

My Little Toney

Saka Potatoes 

Wanyama’s In Pajamas

Come Digne with Mee

Loftus-Cheeky Nandos

Citizen Kane

Earth Wind & Maguire 

Waluigi Buffon

Man City football team celebrate

Former Players – Football Team Names

Too Klose for Comfort

Gangster’s Allardyce 

Finding Mido

Lads on Toure

Blink 1-Eto’o

The Neville Wears Prada

Moves like Agger

Making Emile of it

Tinchy Sneijder

Murder on Zidane’s Floor

Zidane statue


English League – Football Team Names

Aston Vanilla

Man-Chest-Hair United

Bolton Squanderers

If it ain’t Stoke, don’t fix it

Port Fail


Texas Oldham

Champagne SuperRovers


Is This The Way To Hammer Villa?

West Ham flag


European League – Football Team Names

Substandard Liege

Expected Toulouse

Dynamo Chicken Kiev

PSV Hangover

Bayer Neverlosen

Borussia Ya Teeth

Fiorentina Turner 

FC Copenbadly 

Ajax Treesdown

Brian Munich

Bayern Munich flag


Other – Football Team Names

Occasionally United 

Hardly Athletic 

Ivory Toast

Game of Throw-Ins

Scouting for Goals

It’s Spraining Men

99 Problems, But A Pitch Ain’t 1

Hatrick Swayze

Klopps And Robbers


football team huddle

If you have found the ideal 5-a-side team name and are looking to put your team to the test, use Playfinder to book a pitch!

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