5 Facts On Active Living in England

Sport England have released their second Active Lives Adult Report which summarises active living levels in England from 2016 to 2017. The report covers activity involving sport and fitness, looking at specific demographic data.

5 Facts On Active Living in England

1. Sporting activities is very popular

For Playfinder this is a fantastic fact and one that we are proud of – as our aim is always on increasing the use of sporting activities with people!

  • The population of sporting activities – 15,793,000
  • The population of fitness activities – 13,200,300

All in all, it gives sport a 5.8% higher rate compared to fitness activities in active living figures.

sporting activity

2. Sporting Activities (Gender comparison – adults aged 16+)

With sporting activities, the differences in activities for both genders are prominent to see!

  • Men taking part in sporting activities is 41%
  • compared to 29% of women

The report also found specific sporting stats – which showed cycling for leisure and travel is higher for men.

  • Cycling for leisure: Men 18% / Women 11%
  • Cycling for travel: Men 10% / Women 4%

3. Fitness Activities (Gender comparison – adults aged 16+) 

Similarly to sporting activities, differences are evident, but it is now the opposite!

  • Women taking part in fitness activities is at 32%
  • compared to 27% of men

The report also found specific fitness stats for walking – which showed women are higher than men when it came to walking for leisure and travel.

  • Walking for leisure: Women 44% / Men 38%
  • Walking for travel: Women 34% / Men 31%

fitness activities

4. Six in Ten adults are physically active

The population of people who took part in the report are split into three activity types – inactive, fairly active and active.

  • 25.6% of people (11.5m) do less than 30 minutes a week and are deemed inactive.
  • 13.8% (6.2m) are fairly active but don’t reach 150 minutes of activity a week.
  • 60.6% (27.1m) do 150 minutes or more a week, and are seen as active.

This is a great find from the report and it’s positive to see the majority of people are active.

5. Men are more likely to be active than women

These figures are continuously observed but currently men are more likely to be active than women – but not by a massive margin!

  • Male: 63% (13.8m)
  • Female: 58% (13.3M)

Let’s stay being active!