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5 problems every amateur sportsperson faces

Sport is a huge part of most of our lives and it should be all about fitness and enjoyment but sometimes problems rear their ugly heads and cause nothing but bother and annoyance. Professional level athletes and sportspeople are wrapped in cotton wool, pampered by physios, and showered with the best equipment, training, and facilities, what about the rest of us?

Playfinder has compiled 5 of the most common, and most irritating, problems faced by the average amateur sportsperson on a daily basis.

The Weather Cold

As beautiful as our country is the weather is far from predictable. The cold and rain have a sneaky way of scheduling themselves to arrive as soon as you’re about to go for a run, cycle, or game of football. We’ve all been there, howling wind, so cold your lungs have frozen, and by the time you finish up your extremities have gone so numb that you can’t even get undressed so you have to shower in your clothes.


Drop Out

It’s been a long hard day at work and all that has gotten you through it is the promise of a game of squash, tennis, or football later that evening. Then comes the dreaded text from your fellow player ‘I can’t make it tonight’. Too late to schedule a replacement your options are to give up and be extra narky in work tomorrow, show up and swing your racket alone, or play your team sport a man down, hardly the best options. Surely there should be a law against dropping out of a game late notice. Midweek football games are particularly prone to this problem as the flu coincidentally tends to strike teammates on the same night as their favourite team are playing in the Champions League.

Other Sports PeopleHelp

Unfortunately one of the biggest  nuisances to amateur sportspeople is other, less considerate, sportspeople.  Whether it’s a runner who insists on running at 1mph in the middle of the path in front of you or the team on the next pitch who can’t help but punt their ball into your game every 2 minutes, annoying sports enthusiasts can drain the fun out of even the best of games, runs, or competitions. Some of the worst offenders are those who show up to their match or sport without their own gear. “Does anyone have a spare ball/racket/gloves?” No, where did you think you were going? Bring your own. Why do other sportspeople have to be so annoying?

Fashion Police

Neil Lennon takes part in challenge for Red Nose Day

Every team sport suffers from this at some stage. The agreement is that one team wears white and the other wears green but one player insists on showing up in his green and white striped Celtic shirt every week, causing mass confusion and complaint throughout. What’s that? You play reds vs blues? Well in that case one bright spark from the red team will wear a red jersey with blue boots, socks, and shorts, just to be difficult.

Finding somewhere to play

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Luckily this one can be crossed off the list now thanks to Playfinder. With so many other things to worry about simply finding somewhere to play shouldn’t add to the stress. The days of endless calls to sports centre answering machines and googling contact numbers are over. Thanks to Playfinder its never been easier to find a pitch, course, court, or pool near you, book it and get back to enjoying the finer qualities of a sporting life. Take a look at whats on offer in your area and book now!