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5 Problems Every Captain Has

Now we are underway with the new season both at a grassroots and professional level, we are going to give the the captains and let’s face it, silent heroes of sunday league, a shout out and look at the biggest problems these giants of the sport come across week in week out.

Here are just 5 issues that every captain has

1. The Meet Time

Now believe it or not the meet time is one of the hardest to get right. It’s a 3pm KO and a 30 minute drive to the away ground, 12pm seems sensible and let me explain why. Firstly you’ll have the prima donnas turning up 30 minutes after meet time with a sandwich in one hand and a cigarette in the other. But on the other hand you’ll get the loyal veterans of the club (normally the slightly older players) turning up at about 11.40am leaving you with a solid 50 minutes of them moaning about the prima donnas.



2. Playing The Worst Player

Every team has one, and if you think yours doesn’t…. it’s you. Now a captain has the trouble of fitting you in the team without losing the game or sending you into a sulk. Subbing you on a striker is always a safe bet, damage limitation, it doesn’t matter if you don’t score it just means you won’t give the ball away in a dangerous situation.



3. Collecting The Money

Often referred to as the worst job in Sunday League, collecting the fees at the end of the match to pay the ref is a nightmare. Most players will jump straight in the shower and then by the time you’re out have left the country, the others will pay you a £50 and ask for change. Dare the captain make the mistake of saying “Pay me next week”, all the players hear is “Don’t worry about this week mate, it’s free’.


4. Availability

Alert and on the ball as usual, the captains text goes round on Monday with great anticipation for replies….. this anticipation lasts until Friday when players have a couple of beers and fancy a game tomorrow. Then comes the inevitable line in the morning “Boys we’ve got 10 this week”.


5. The Warm Up

With a set structure and professional approach set out all the players jog out on to the pitch, the captain stands and calls everyone over for the first drill… only to be ignored by everyone running to the goal and “warming up the keeper”.