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5 Things Every 5-a-side Footballer Can Relate To

Take a look at our list of 5 things every 5-a-side footballer can relate to:

1. Nobody being able to keep their shots on the ground.

Titus Bramble

Your mate is through on goal, all he has to do is put it in the back of the net. But no. He can’t adapt to the low 5-a-side goals. He finds his inner Titus Bramble and blazes it way, way over the cross bar and it gets stuck in the netting surrounding the pitch. The best climber in the group will eventually save the day by scaling the impossible height and retrieving the ball. Play then resumes before they’re even back on the ground..

2. Getting rubber bits stuck in your shoes.

3g surface

These little rubber cubes are great for softening a fall but they get absolutely everywhere. You’ll be finding these in your shoes for the next few weeks.

3. Being able to dive into any sort of challenge without having to worry about grazing your knees.

Sliding Tackle

Those annoying rubber bits do have their use on the football pitch. They cushion any type of fall. Horror tackles are flying in left, right and centre. People literally throwing themselves to the floor to block a shot because they are no consequences on this spongy surface.

4. Having to play 4 against 5 because one of your mates pulled out last minute.

Goalkeeper Neuer

Rush goalie! The goalkeeper on the depleted team starts thinking he’s Neuer and starts going on a solo run up the pitch. This leaves you horribly vulnerable to endless counter-attacks and open goals.

5. Doing a penalty shootout once you’re too tired to play a match.

Penalty Shootout

You’re battered and bruised but you still want to play so the worst player is nominated to go in goal for a shootout. Everyone will then berate him for not attempting to save a single penalty even though he never wanted to go in goal in the first place.