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5 Things to do before you play football

Have you made your football checklist?  Find out the 5 things we recommend you do before you play football to ensure you get the most out of your booking.

Here are the 5 Things to do before you play:

1. Find your Play

With the help of Playfinder, you can find your nearest football venues closest to you. Each Venue provides different facilities & equipment such as changing rooms, footballs, bibs, training cones, free onsite parking etc. To book your space, check the calendar provided on, on your chosen venues page.

2. Let your team/friends know the date and time

Once you have confirmed your slot, let your football teammates, friends or family know of the time and date to arrive at the venue. Make sure you provide enough details to ensure you’re all ready and well equipped to play.

3. Check your route

Most football venues provide free parking on-site, have a look at the chosen venue page to find more information about their facilities. This can make it easily accessible for you and your guests to arrive at the venue. You can find more transport information such as the nearest transport links in the area, for those not travelling by vehicle.

4. Prepare for the game

Once you booked your slot, inform your teammates of all the information they need. It’s time to prepare for your game. Make sure you and your teammates have all the equipment you need for the game. You can also check in with the venue if other additional facilities are provided like bibs and training cones. You can also purchase bibs and training cones if not provided by the venue.

5. Enjoy yourself

Finally make sure you enjoy yourself, challenge your mates and light up your team spirit for a fantastic fun football game.


Top Tips from footballers 

  • Don’t warm up for too long because it could tire you out before the match which can affect your performance. 
  • You must not eat right before the football match or any exercise, this could lead to cramps or sickness during play.   
  • Maximize your sprint speed using weight sledge pulls and parachute sprints. This helps build strength in the hamstrings and quadriceps.

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