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Amateur Football Tournament in Spain – CeleBreak

Fancy showing off your skills on the very same pitches that Messi and Ronaldo practice on in the glorious Spanish sun?

Amateur football tournament

Well, here’s the chance to do just that. This summer you can join them at CeleBreak in Barcelona or Madrid for an unforgettable 7-a-side amateur football tournament at world class venues, coupled with a great experience of the nightlife that these cities have to offer.

CeleBreak is a football lifestyle brand that throughout the year organizes daily football sessions at a number of venues in Barcelona, however the main focus is their summer amateur football tournament.

Anybody who has played football for fun, either regularly or just occasionally, knows that it is so much more than ‘just a game’.

The events in their entirety take place over a 4 day period, where each team gets to take part in one of Europe’s most exclusive amateur football tournaments and will play around 6 matches each.

Celebreak image 1
Amateur football tournament

Their ultimate aim is that you leave either of these two great Spanish cities having had a great time and with a load of brilliant memories: but it is still a tournament and there can only be one winner – who will be lucky enough to receive a magnum bottle in the club that night as a prize for being victorious.

Another great aspect of an amateur football tournament and casual football in general is the post match drinking.

With CeleBreak, you can take full advantage of all that Barcelona and Madrid have to offer in that respect, with their opening and closing parties at some of the best nightclubs in each city.

By playing in tournament you’ll get free entry to the clubs for both nights, and depending on which package you choose they even chuck in a free VIP table with 2 bottles of the drink of your choice. All in all, not a bad deal, eh?

The guys who run it – Daniel Foth, Sebastian Foth and Gabriel Fustero – were really helpful and were able to answer any questions about the tournament or the trip in general, so get in touch if you want more details.

So if you’re looking for a post season trip for your Sunday League or 7-a-side football league, this is perfect for you.

You’ll get the chance to visit two of the greatest cities in the world with your mates, experience the best that the nightlife has to offer and all with the best excuse possible: playing football.