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The best memes from this year’s World Cup

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The sun seems to be shinning non-stop and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. The waistcoat is the most popular fashion accessory and people sing on the streets about how it was coming home and how Gareth Southgate is the one. Of course, England reached a semi-final of the World Cup. Will we see a summer like this again? We sure hope so!

It truly has been a wonderful summer and as the World Cup comes to an end, which saw an extremely talented French side conquer all and win their second World Cup, we must now reflect. Many have coined this year the ‘Set-piece World Cup’ or the ‘VAR World Cup.’ I believe the most appropriate is the’ Meme World Cup’. Which saw people get very creative on social media and create all kinds of wonderful content. So lets us take you through the best from this year’s tournament.

It’s coming home

We didn’t believe. Then we did. Then we didn’t. But who cares if we didn’t win the whole thing. This England side united a country with their epic run to the semi-finals, and we all loved it.

Neymar rolling 

Neymar rolled himself all the way home with this hilarious meme. It was calculated that Neymar spent 14 minutes laying on the floor throughout the tournament. Not bad for a player who is worth 200 million pounds…

Diego Maradona being well Maradona

Argentina may not have lit up this years tournament. Diego Maradona certainly did. His over exuberance throughout sent the internet into meltdown creating all kinds of hilarious reactions.

Harry Maguire memes himself 

This summer Harry Maguire transformed into Bobby Moore and led England’s charge in Russia. Maguire didn’t lose an aerial battle, his head seemingly being a magnet to the ball earning himself the unflattering nickname of ‘slab head’ from Jamie Vardy. A meme was born and what is even better, he got in on the joke as well.

Bond villain Putin

The Russian team surprised most by making it all the way to the quarters. Even better hooliganism which everyone feared would be prevalent throughout seemed to stay away. Is this down to master villain Vladimir Putin keeping the trouble away?

The World Cup may have finished but do not worry you can fill your football-shaped hole left behind perfectly until the football season starts in a months time and play some football at your local pitch. Head over to Playfinder to create your perfect match.