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Top 5 Sports Apps

As enthusiastic sports players and fans, we’ve gathered a list of our favourite sports apps – from news to fitness – to share with you. And best of all? They’re all free.

5 sport apps you have to download.


Teamer App

Teamer is all about making life easier for every sports team. From football, to swimming, to golf you can organise events, share photos, and send notifications to all your teammates. This app takes the hassle out of managing a team through notifications, a group calendar, and free text messages. Cancel events instantly, post line ups, and easily view availability.

Best bits:
– send group texts
– easy availability calendar for your team
Download the app for free.


Line Up App

Think you know better than your favourite team’s manager? Create and share your own football line ups using Lineup11. Pick your team’s kit and drag your selection of players into place and then post it to your followers and friends.

Best bits:

– change team kit
– download tournament packages
– one-click sharing
Download the app for free.


Playfinder App
Booking your local pitch just got even easier. Use your current location or pick an area to find your perfect venue. Get all the quality pictures and easy to read descriptions that you find on our website, but right from your phone. It’s never been easier to get in a lunchtime tennis match or book a football pitch to settle the score after work.

Best bits:

– booking on the go
– find locations near you
– venue photos|
Download here for free.

850 Sports Digest

850 Sports App

This sports news app gives you a ten minute catch up on your favourite sports. It allows you to customise your sports news feed and easily get update with what interests you. An expanding app, with baseball, basketball, and cycling having just been added.

Best bits:

– simple and easy to read layout
– customisable
– adding more journalists to cover more sports
Download the app for free.

Zombie Run App

Struggling to find the motivation to run? With this app you will work your way through missions and a gripping story that will keep you coming back. Zombies, Run! gives a twist to the regular run log apps as you play the audio story missions mixed in with your own music and collect virtual supplies as you run.

Best bits:

– set the length of your run
– mix your music and the story
– set Zombie Chases for sprints
Download the app for free.