Best sports gifts under £25

Christmas is coming faster than anyone could have imagined at this start of this year. In a horrible, whirlwind year for everyone, the season of giving can provide some much-needed joy in the year. Particularly in a year spent largely indoors, sporting gifts never felt more timely moving into the new year.

At Playfinder, we have curated a list of some sporting gifts under £25 to give someone this festive season. From fascinating reads to essential running equipment, we are here to help.

1.A Yoga Mat, £20 at YOGA MATTERS

Tired of stretching and exercising on your cold, hard floor? ’A durable, long-lasting’ Yoga mat is an ideal gift for your home. Providing a comfortable cushioning for your Zoom yoga classes, or your home workouts, a Yoga Mat will enhance your home-exercise regime.

2. A Reusable Waterbottle, e.g £25 with Chilly’s 500ml

A water bottle is the sort of gift that will last. In a world of manufactured, single-use plastics, a re-usable and durable bottle not only benefits the recipient but the world at large. Chilly’s slick design and handy size variants make the bottle a staple of your office and gym bag.

3. A Running light, e.g £18.99 with Zenoplige Running Light Lamp

Winter is coming, which means dark afternoons and evenings. Potentially, the darkness could be a runner’s worst nightmare. A running light can be the solution. Stylish and easy to wear, the gift is practical and vital to the running game of many.

4. A Tennis Racket, e.g HEAD Radical 27 Adult Tennis from £20.79 at Amazon

For all the people considering picking up tennis. With a quality, but cost-efficient racket, this could be the start of your tennis journey.

5. Resistance bands, £12.00 at Gym Shark

With the shift towards home workouts, resistance bands are an essential piece of kit. Affording you the flexibility to do a number of varied routines, resistance bands can be a versatile part of your sporting arsenal.

6. Running gloves, e.g Adidas £22.00 at Prodirectsoccer

As winter approaches, the days are becoming ever colder. For the runners of the world, gloves would make the world of difference. Warm, discrete and stylish, consider buying some gloves this Christmas.

7. A Football, e.g Mitre Size 5 £9.99 at Amazon

Do you know someone who wants to start playing football again? Why not start with the most essential ingredient, a ball? Instead of relying on your friends, take the initiative and bring your football this Christmas.

8. Weight Skipping rope, e.g £9.99 at Decathalon

A weighted skipping rope is the perfect home fitness gift. For those looking to exercise more in the new year, a skipping rope is a great start.

9. Abdominal Roller, e.g from £5.99 at Argos

Looking to invest in gym equipment? An abdominal roller will be a fine addition to your home workout equipment.

10. Running Belt, e.g from £9.99 at Amazon

Ever find yourself holding your keys or your phone running? Uncomfortable and cumbersome, right? A running belt is a perfect solution. Giving you a discrete way to hold your essentials with minimal discomfort, a running belt should be on your Christmas list.