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Christmas Team Party Ideas

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With people to please and budgets, coming up with ideas for the Christmas team party is always tough. We believe team activities are the best way to go – so, check out five great ideas of where to go for your Christmas party!


A crazy-golf club in the heart of London and your perfect venue for some competitive socialising.

Two nine-hole crazy-golf courses, five cocktail bars and three street food vendors (Patty&Bun, Pizza Pilgrims and DF/Mexico) all under one roof – what more could you want?! Along with nightly DJs and a two-storey clubhouse with a terrace, you can stay there all night long.

Tickets are only priced at £10-£13.

TeamSport Go-Karting

Sports is a great way to bring your team together! Over at TeamSport Tower Bridge, they put on a great Christmas team party which includes food, drinks and party rooms. Plus, this can be the daytime activity and you can enjoy the added bonus of getting off work early!

Go-Karting wise, you can enjoy:

  • Two tracks full of twists, turns, inclines etc.
  • Professional racewear and podium trophy presentation
  • Number of packages to choose from to suit your team

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Eat, drink and play ping-pong – perfect.

Over 50 ping pong tables, a bar extending the length of the venue, great selection of food and drinks and extremely high ceilings – Bounce is the perfect edgy underground playground.

When you’re finished playing, the venue also has a bar area topped off with music, making it a great place to continue your night!

Flight Club

Fancy some social darts? Flight Club in Shoreditch caters to all your needs

Something completely different to the London bar scene, Flight Club has real-time scoring as opposed to the classic chalkboards. Some animated scoring and touch screen interface, with cool classic cocktails and sharing dishes – you get a super fun and perfect social experience.

Costing £30 per hour for one oche, which holds 20 guests – it’s a good amount, budget wise, for your Christmas team party.

Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes

Bloomsbury Lanes has recently had a big makeover with upgraded bowling lanes, private bowling suites and fine American food served to the bar, diner or to your lanes. The venue is definitely leading the way within this industry for bowling.

A mixture of activities have recently been added to the venue to make the experience that much stronger, these include four private karaoke rooms and ping pong tables.

Booking in advance is highly recommended.

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