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Desk exercises to help prepare for grassroots sports

Daily desk exercises during a working week can really help ensure your muscles are in good condition for all grassroots sports.

Desk exercises

Our star Osteopath, Tim Everett, popped into our offices this week to explain that all the good work that grassroots sports players do on your local pitch may not be enough according to many experts.

Tim explained that research suggests that ‘sitting at your desk 9-5 is potentially undoing some of the good work done in your chosen grassroots sports activity.

However, he explained that there is an easy solution and he very kindly demonstrated some simple exercises that can quite literally be done at your desk to help keep your muscles, spine and posture in good shape.

Done daily these exercises are designed to help reduce the build up of tight joints and muscles with the added benefit of helping to achieve a good posture with effective spinal alignment.


All of us at Playfinder regularly do his exercises and have promised to do them every day. To see his ‘deskercise’ workout click HERE.