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The difference between a Playfinder venue and facility

Whilst our successful Crowdfunding campaign is ongoing, there has been a little confusion amongst some regarding the difference between a venue and a facility. Playfinder are currently partnered with over 550 venues, with another 625 in the pipeline. These venues – possibly named ‘X Sports Centre‘ for example – each contain different sporting facilities. Some of our larger partner venues will offer multiple facilities for multiple different sports – i.e a venue may provide 6 football pitches, 4 tennis courts and 2 netball courts etc.

Oasis Academy Media City UK - Sports Hall-2

These pitches and courts are what we know as the facilities. For further reference, pictured above is a sports hall at one of our partners. This one venue offers multiple facilities such as football, basketball, cricket, netball and tennis – all of which can be played inside the hall.

Naturally, the amount of facilities is going to hugely outweigh the number of venues Playfinder are partnered with. With 550 venues currently on our site, there are over 10,000 facilities we offer throughout the UK for public use. So in short, a sports venue is a place where active users can come to enjoy the facilities on offer.

Looking to enjoy some sports facilities at one of ours venues? Head over to Playfinder