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Don’t be stumped about where to play cricket during the World Cup

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Playfinder’s search and booking portal bails out cricketers to help grow participation numbers.

Playfinder’s search and booking platform is opening access to cricket facilities around the UK to bail out players looking to get involved in the game as the Cricket World Cup takes centre stage on home soil this week.

England face South Africa today at the Oval to get the tournament started and the final will be contested on 14th July at Lord’s. During the summer, the ECB will be looking to harness the euphoria around the competition to encourage people to get back into the game or take it up for the first time.

Cricket nets are a cracking way to rediscover or discover the joys of cricket with friends, colleagues or family. Playfinder’s users will be bowled over by the greatest choice of over 60 cricket facilities in the UK.

Each can simply be booked from your desktop or mobile in a matter of seconds. It’s a pay-as-you-play service, so there is no need to join a club or be hit for six with hefty membership fees.

Even our occasional temperamental summer weather won’t be catching players out as there is a wide selection of indoor facilities to choose from on the intuitive platform.

Check out some of London’s best cricket facilities here and each can be booked simply online:

Cricket World Cup Cricket Nets

Ark All Saints Academy Elmgreen School Haverstock School
Ark Putney Academy Eric Liddell Sports Centre Oaks Park High School
Brentside High School Featherstone Sports Centre Sylvestrian Leisure Centre
Chobham Academy Flanders Playing Field Welling School
Crest Academy Harefield Academy Westway Sports Centre
Darwin Leisure Centre Harris Academy Purley Wren Academy


Playfinder co-founder, Jamie Foale, commented: “Cricket is a wonderfully fun game to play with friends and the World Cup provides the perfect chance to get involved. It has never been easier to find and play at high quality cricket facilities thanks to our platform and we encourage everyone to get involved this summer.”


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