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Five Facts about the European Super League

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It’s recently been revealed that a few elite European teams could break off and form their own separate ‘Super League’ by 2021. To help those better understand the European Super League, and what this actually means for football, we’ve compiled five interesting facts about the concept below!

 1. It’s Not Really Official (Yet)

The concept of the league has been circulating across the football circuit as early as the 1990’s, but all plans to establish it have fallen through. Until now. According to Football Leaks, the football whistle-blowing website, the plans to form it are being put into action starting from 2021, making the idea of an elite ‘Super League’ a very possible reality.

2. It’s Basically an Elite Champion’s League

Football leaks are also releasing documents which suggest 11 ‘founding’ teams will join the European Super League: Spain’s Barcelona and Real Madrid, England’s Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United, Italy’s Juventus and AC Milan, France’s Paris Saint-Germain, and Germany’s Bayern Munich.

3. It’s All About the Money

The financial benefits of the European Super League are also huge; television rights deals that would rival the NFL and NBA, and significant rewards for players who partake that would outweigh the Champions League significantly.

4. It’s Problematic

It’s because of this controversy that’s leading to the European Super League being labelled by The Independent as a “great tragedy” for football. A lot of people, players and fans alike, view the idea of an elite league as going against the ‘every man’ quality football has, erasing its universal appeal as a result.

5. The European Super League Will Probably Be Replacing the Champion’s League

The Football Leaks document rarely mentions the Champion’s League. However, suggests this will allow the new league to be active and yet also bypass European laws regarding competitions. It is likely, however, that the Super League will replace the Champion’s League. We’ll just have to wait to see hows this will effect the clubs’ domestic and national leagues.

UEFA Champions League Final in Cardiff 2017 European Super League

“Opening ceremony of the 2016=-2017 UEFA Champions League” by Markos90 licensed under CC BY 4.0

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Featured Image- “Opening ceremony of the 2016-2017 UEFA Champions League” by Markos90 licensed under CC BY 4.0