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Playfinder teams up with Football Beyond Borders

FBB volunteer coach Joe Poxon blogs on the power of coaching, the problem of facilities and why FBB has teamed up with Playfinder.

Sport has the potential power to be a vehicle for positive change and development in the world. There are countless examples that demonstrate the capacity of sport to provide inspiration and hope for people, and to act as an escape from negative aspects of our social reality, whilst also promoting healthy lifestyles.

Football Beyond Borders

At FBB – football is a core part of our education methodology. Football can inspire young people to work hard, respect one another, show teamwork and commitment, become leaders and develop communications skills.

Football Beyond Borders incorporates all of these values into re-engaging young people and improving their education. The key is motivating them to aspire for a better future for themselves and others.

Coaching at FBB is a real privilege. Firstly, as a coach it tests your skills of adapting to various scenarios, ability levels and to the fluctuating moods of young people. The experience you gain makes you a better coach, but more importantly it makes you a better person.

It makes you more patient and adaptable and it increases the passion you have for football whilst allowing you to witness the power that it has on young people. Secondly, the experience that you have is like no other. The young people are a credit to themselves, and although they are sometimes challenging, it’s a pleasure to coach them. Our colleagues are sensational at what they do, with a huge desire for their work and an incredible work ethic, making it easy to feel confident in delivery.

Spaces for Play?

Having said all of this, it is a shame that there are minimal safe spaces to actually play football or any sport. This is due to the poor standard of facilities or that the cost of running them is forcing them to close. I used to play football in the street as there was nowhere else to play, but the young today cannot do the same as it’s seen as dangerous.

Something must be done to rectify this. Re-surface facilities, give ownership of facilities to the community or develop spaces which are derelict or unoccupied into sport facilities. By doing so, social issues that surround young people will probably decrease too. This is a pressing issue and something must be done soon!

This is why we at Football Beyond Borders decided to partner with Playfinder, as they share our core values as emphasised by their CEO Jamie Foale:

“Sport plays a pivotal role in bringing communities together and encouraging healthy lifestyles. Working with venues, councils and trusts means we’ve seen the positive influence from the ground where it really matters. Partnering with Football Beyond Borders offers an exciting opportunity given its mission to create a more equal and inclusive society. Our aim is increasing sports participation by modernising the way people search and book grassroots activities as the current process is slow and cumbersome.

Teaming up with FBB means we can help the youth and those from low-income backgrounds get into sport where they now, thanks to the charity, have an opportunity to learn skills, attitude and character that provide a platform to achieve life-time goals.”

The company launched in January 2014 to enable people to search and book sports venues online. Playfinder streamlined the process which in turn has boosted grassroots sports participation and the ease of managing sports venues.