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Freddie Flintoff’s Finest Moments


One of the most talked about cricket players in the world, Freddie Flintoff has provided sports fans with so many memorable moments both on and off the field. We take a look back at some of his finest moments over the years.

Flintoff’s pedalo antics get him in trouble

Dubbed by the media as ‘Fredalo’, this is one of Freddie’s most controversial moments. He found himself getting some very bad press during the 2007 World Cup in the West Indies. Flintoff drunkenly took a pedalo out to sea and eventually had to be rescued by the emergency services. He was later fined, banned for a match, and stripped of the England vice-captaincy.

Flintoff Pedalo World Record
Flintoff Pedalo World Record

Being the good guy that he is though, Freddie later made amends for his wrongdoing by setting the 100m pedalo Guinness World Record with former England teammate Steve Harmison in aid of Sport Relief in 2012.

Freddie has also spoken of the incident as recently as 2014. He appeared on an episode of 8 out of 10 Cats and claimed that he boarded a pedalo that night in an attempt to sail back home all the way from the Caribbean.

Car Crash

Whilst filming an episode of A League of Their Own, contestants were given the challenge of driving a rally car around a set course and compete for the best time. During Freddie’s go, he not only managed to crash the car and roll it, he also managed to write it off completely as it was not worth the money to repair.

Elvis Impersonator

Flintoff is well-known for his love of Elvis Presley. He has impersonated the King of Rock and Roll on numerous talk shows and panel shows. Below is a clip of him indulging in a song during fielding in a cricket match. With such a great voice, expect a Flintoff Elvis tribute album to soon be hitting a record store near you.

Ashes Heroics

It’s impossible to think of Freddie Flintoff without also thinking of England’s incredible 2005 Ashes victory. He was a key performer for England and was instrumental in their performances. Check out the video below showcasing one of his best bowling performances from the 2005 series.

Ashes Celebrations

After returning as heroes, the England Cricket Team took to London for their victory parade. Kevin Pietersen and Freddie Flintoff looked like they were having the time of their lives… Check out the video below to see them looking somewhat inebriated.

Winning I’m A Celeb

In what you would think was a moment of madness, given the way Aussies would feel towards one of England’s star cricketers, Flintoff decided it would be a good idea to appear on the Australian version of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. He defied expectations however and ended up charming the Aussies to win the show. Check out this video of him having to eat the egg sack of a fish. It looks just as disgusting as it sounds.


Not content with being just a cricketer, Flintoff decided to try his hand at boxing as well. He was upagainst American Richard Dawson on his heavyweight boxing debut. Remarkably, he ended up winning and decided to call it a day after just one match and a 100% win record. You can’t argue with the statistics on that one. Watch the fight below:

Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that wherever Flintoff goes he’s always likely to leave a lasting impression. Here’s to many more great Flintoff moments to come.