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Get a Grip on Golfer’s Elbow

With the golf season now well underway and the USPGA across the pond about to start us grassroots golfers are now enjoying the fair weather golf but are our elbow’s enjoying it or suffering?

Golfer’s Elbow

Like many amateur golfers I only need to watch a couple of tournaments before I get a new zest of interest in practising my golf but take care not to over do it at the practice range as I speak from experience this may lead to the dreaded Golfer’s elbow.

If in doubt get your golf pro to check your club grips as worn or poorly sized grips are typically at the root cause of the problem.

Golfer’s Elbow is a term used to describe pain to the inside bony bump of your elbow where the muscles that control your wrist and hand attach. It is also referred to as Medial Epicondylitis and occasionally as Pitcher’s Elbow also.

Common Symptoms:

Pain to the inside (medial epicondyle) bony part of your elbow
Tenderness to the medial epicondyle
Gripping and twisting action of the wrist often makes the pain worse
The pain may radiate along your forearm and wrist

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