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Honiton Community College sports facilities top of the class thanks to Playfinder’s £10k donation

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Playfinder, the UK’s leading search and instant booking portal for grassroots sports, has helped Honiton Community College’s sports facilities move to the top of the class thanks to £10k donation.

The donation is being used by Honiton Community College to upgrade a wide range of sports facilities, including those for table tennis, badminton, football and rugby. Part of the donation will also be used for science equipment in the recently refurbished science block.

Playfinder’s platform technology has an excellent track record of increasing sports participation levels and is now giving back to local causes. One of the key areas is providing better facilities for children to keep active at schools and during holidays.


Glenn Smith, Principal at Honiton Community College, said: “The financial constraints placed on schools due to a lack of government funding make the job really tough.  My role is to provide a first rate education for all of our young adults.  This task is made tougher because funding streams are drying up or ceasing altogether!  Politicians proclaim that there is more funding in education than ever before, but what they fail to add is that there are unprecedented numbers of students also; resulting in the amount of funding per pupil dropping significantly!

Playfinder are our modern day knights in shining armour.  Their philanthropic approach has restored my faith in corporate responsibility.  They have a passion for what they do and that is why they have chosen to enhance the sporting facilities we can offer our students.  In an age when mental health and wellbeing has become, arguably, the biggest concern in society, MLP are leading the way in providing a solution and I thank them profusely.”

Playfinder understands the importance of physical activity and was launched to make it simpler for people to play sports around the UK. Since 2014, the platform has helped millions of people play sports and is passionate about giving back to local communities. Schools are just one of the sectors in which the company is using its influence to improve grassroots physical activity.

Playfinder co-founder, Jamie Foale, commented: “Physical education forms a huge part of school life and teaches invaluable life lessons. We see the difference playing sports makes everyday and our commitment to community causes forms a major part of the company vision. We’re delighted to be in a position to improve the sporting experiences for Honiton’s students.”

Earlier this year, Playfinder expanded its service to the South Coast by partnering with Brighton Aldridge Community Academy (BACA). Providing schools with online booking management technology opens up access to local players and generates additional revenues for them by maximising facility utilisation. Grassroots players are also able to book facilities in Weston-Super-Mare, Swindon and Bristol owing to a partnerships with operator PlayFootball.

If you’re interested it find out more about Playfinder is helping in local communities, please check out our Corporate Social Responsibility section of our website