Humans of Grassroots Sport | Christina Henry

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Our latest Humans of Grassroots Sport entry is from Play Coordinator Christina Henry – Cornwallis Adventure Playground

christina henryI’ve been working within childcare for the past ten years and jumped at the chance to join the Cornwallis Adventure Playground initiative as Play-Coordinator two months ago. It’s run by Awesome CIC – who have been providing high quality play services for more than three decades.  

During those early years I have earned a number of qualifications to put myself in the best position to be able to combine my passion and work – giving back to children and local communities. These certifications include Playwork level 2 and health and social care level 4.   

Cornwallis was right up my street given the amazing work they do around Islington to get kids more regularly active, whether inside or outside through a wide range of activities. It has helped me return something back into my community.

Our purpose is encouraging the local kids to push themselves, develop social skills and become genuinely engaged in the community. These elements are fundamental in building solid foundations for later life and physical activities play a pivotal role.

We have an amazing play-coordinator team and our role revolves around putting together programmes that inspire the kids to get out more. Listening to kids about what makes them tick is vital to get the most out of the sessions – we’re always looking to enhance the experience.

There are inside activities like making slime, quizzes and pom pom making. Our adventure playground is where we have races, play and a swing. Then at the front is where the incredible Tiger Pro sports pitch is and it can be used for anything from rounders, football, hockey to rugby.

Cornwallis Adventure Playground Astroturf Pitch

Sports work brilliantly for group activities and they encourage people to communicate and interact with one another. Social media is taking over kids’ lives and we want to show them that real experiences can greatly improve health and wellbeing.

cornwallis adventure playground gardening
Our physical activities help build friendships and develop communication skills across the whole spectrum of 6 to 13 year olds. It always makes me smile when I see the groups mixing and mingling, particularly when the older lot act as role models to the others – very much like older siblings would.

Often the younger kids can be shy when they first turn up and it really helps us when the group comes together to help everyone be more comfortable.

An element we’re really focusing on currently is a complete healthy lifestyle. It’s about balancing physical activity and eating well too and we put on classes to show the many benefits of doing this. Parents are encouraged to attend our activities together with children to strengthen relationships and pass on life skills to set everyone up for life.

Community, healthy living, stimulation and physical activities form the core of the Cornwallis initiative and it’s making a real difference for the local area.

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