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JAFA: The Best Way To Get Your Football News

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The race for the title is all but over, but the battle for the final three Champions League places is very much alive. If you’re playing a game this weekend and heading to the pub after to debate the chances of your side, why not check out a new content sharing platform designed for just that, JAFA.

Pele or Maradona, Messi or Ronaldo, counter-attacker or tiki-taka – every football lover has an opinion on the biggest topics in the sport, it’s one of the greatest things about being a fan! In the modern world of social media and 24/7 rolling news, every single day there are new quotes, stories, stats, matches and moments in football to be dissected in every detail, and so there are always talking points to be discussed about the beautiful game.

Not everyone wants to argue with a former midtable Premier League player on an AM radio phone-in show, and while we all love going to the pub to have a football chat with our mates over a pint –  in the era where everyone has a smart phone and is connected to the internet, shouldn’t there be a purpose built place to discuss football online? We had a look at the options…


With all your friends on the platform ready to chat about anything and everything it should be perfect – but much like politics, football opinions are probably best left off Facebook!


Twitter is such a useful tool, and it’s a brilliant source of breaking football news and content… the trouble is trying to sift through the millions of idiotic, biased, useless football tweets before you stumble across some useful information!

The group chat

The group chat is brilliant for banter, organising a night out, or absolutely roasting your mates, but having a football debate? Good luck! Nobody wants 3000 notifications on their phone just because you dared to suggest that VAR might be a useful thing.

It’s so fast moving too, and if your reply takes you more than a minute to write, in that time the conversation will have changed topic three times and it will be completely irrelevant.

The indignity of having your football opinion met by blue ticks and no replies is horrible, and good luck trying to sleep if you have to get up early and your mates are locked in an 80-message deep discussion on who’s going to win the World Cup… *ding* *ding* *ding* *ding*



You may not have heard of JAFA yet, but trust us, you will have soon! JAFA, (Just A Fan’s Analysis) is a new football fan app that revolutionises how football fans engage with each other online.

JAFA is split into two sections: news and views. JAFA helps fans cut through the noise putting all your news and views in one place. JAFA connects fans with fans and fans with content. The app is available free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store from Saturday 17th March, and users can pre-register for a download link here.