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How to keep active at home

‘Avoid social contact and gatherings where possible”.

Following advice put out by the FA which is in line with government recommendations, they have suspended all grassroots football. In light of this, we understand the following procedure will be to avoid as much social contact as possible which means cancelling training sessions/matches or just your regular casual kick about.

So if you have been told to work from home, school has been closed, or you have self-quarantined, here are some of the things you can do to keep you both active and entertained.


 A ball and a wall

  1. You may remember playing for hours as a kid, or may even still play now. It is as simple as repeatedly knocking a ball at the wall and returning your passes each time. This can be a great game to practice your technique, weak foot and control of the ball. This can be done with a few different sports such as football, tennis or squash.

2. Keepy Uppies

Equipment: A ball

Keepy Uppies again is something that can be done with a few different sports. It is the idea of keeping the ball off the ground by using parts of your body; in a footballing sense using the header, knee, shoulder or foot. It is a great way to distract yourself for a while, whilst keeping your skills in check. Mix it up by setting yourself a target or playing with a family member.

3. One touch

Equipment: A ball

Two people are needed for this one. One-touch is literally as it sounds, you will need the available space for a short pass. This is a passing game allowing no time for a touch you must return the ball using a one-touch pass. To win a point the opposition must mishit the ball, allow the football to come to a stop or takes two touches.

4. Trickshot

Equipment: A ball

Get your video cameras ready! With this, you can get creative. Find a target such as a bin or a cup and find an extravagant way to hit the target, there are some amazing trick shot compilations out there that might give you some inspiration. Who knows, you could be famous if you nail the next best trickshot on tape!


5) General fitness

Probably the least engaging idea but one of the more important. With all that’s going on at the moment surrounding coronavirus it is important to stay active. Fitness that includes using your aerobic energy system will help to flush bacteria through the lungs. Not only this but light jogging or cycling can be a great way of boosting your well-being during these difficult times. Being stuck at home is not always easy, and people might find more ways to procrastinate by doing small intervals of general fitness it will help us to keep in check.