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Playfinder supports Non-League Day

Playfinder, the leading sports venue search and booking site,  has teamed up with the NonLeague Day campaign ahead of the sixth anniversary of the initiative to be held on 10th October 2015.

Supporting Non League Day this year

Fans attending games on Non-League Day will receive 30% off their next booking through Playfinder if they take a selfie at one of the grounds before sharing the picture across either Twitter and Instagram.

Supporters need to tag @Playfinder and @nonleaguedayuk to claim the concession. Non-League Day was established to promote the importance of supporting your local team and show football fans that there is a lot more to football than just the 92 professional clubs in the Premier and Football league.

Find your local non league game button

Remember to check out Playfinder to find out where your nearest pitch is to take advantage of the concession.

Co-founder of MLP, Jamie Foale said: “Non-League Day is a superb initiative and we’re proud to help promote the importance of grassroots football. Thousands of fans will be out watching games and are now able to emulate their local heroes by taking advantage of our deal on their next booking.”

National ambassador of Non League Day Francis Duku commented: “Non League Day was set up to help clubs and fans of non league teams with some practical help that was very much needed. MLP enhances this by offering clubs a chance to generate some extra revenue and further develop community links, while offering fans the chance to personally benefit from being part of the day. All round this seems like a good opportunity for all.”