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Playfinder’s Christmas Football XI

It’s the most punderful time of the year and Playfinder are getting in the festive spirit with a Christmas XI stuffed full of enough puns to fill a stocking with. Enjoy…

Starting XI

Christmas XI

In goal we’ve got Darren Rudolph. The Irishman would have no problem dashing through the snow if his quick reactions to deny Liverpool an early Christmas present are anything to go by.

Sleighton Baines takes up our left back position. Everton have had a pretty mixed season but Baines is still sliding his way up and down the left wing.

Marcos Rojoho has done well to avoid the naughty list this Christmas this year, with a few of his rougher tackles being called into question.

Everton’s form has been patchy at best this season, but Seamus Coalman will be hoping for some Everton goals rather than coal in his stocking this year. His side are without a clean sheet in 7 games.

Hector Jingle Bellerin is having another decent season with Arsenal, but with losses in their last two games, the Gunners will be looking to bounce back with bells on this Boxing Day.

Mark Snowble’s Christmas has come early, having scored in his last two games. He’ll be hoping for his snow flurry of goals to continue through the Christmas period.

Santa Cazorla has been out since October due to injury. His return would be a great Christmas bonus for the Gunners but it looks like that’s a while off yet. After all, he’ll need a rest after delivering all those presents.

After the record breaking price tag, Pogbah Humbug hasn’t had the best of seasons so far. However, his recent contributions to the score sheet at Man United suggest that he’s out to spread some Christmas cheer after all.

Dimitri Mince Payet is in somewhat of a slump after a sensational first season in the Premier League and great Euro campaign. The Hammers will have to lay off the mince pies if they want to ensure a great post-Christmas start against Swansea.

Harry Candy Kane won the golden boot last season but despite some great performances, he’ll have to score some absolute crackers if he’s going to catch up to with Costa who’s in double figures already.

Andy Christmas Carroll will be hoping for a visit from the ghost of Christmas past to get him and West Ham back to the winning ways of last season.

We’re aware there are some complete turkeys in this line up, so if you can do any better, drop us a comment. Then we’ll just have to wait for Snowman Abramovich to sign them up.

There are plenty of pitches available to hire over the holiday period on the Playfinder football page. There’s no excuse not to burn off that turkey dinner so head over there now.