Where to play Cricket in Manchester

Cricket is an essential part of British culture. Whether it be for the ashes or local pride in games between friends, the sport offers both competition and community. Sadly, this summer has not been the same for the sport, but the demand to play is as high as ever. Particularly in Manchester, people have been searching for the best place to play cricket in the city and Playfinder is here to help. We have compiled a list of some of the city’s best venues for your convenience.

Where to play Cricket in North Manchester?

Our Lady’s RC High School is amongst the best places to play cricket in Manchester. Located in Middleton, near Plant Hill Road bus stop, the venue boasts excellent facilities. Significantly, the nets are well maintained by personable and diligent staff for your convenience. The venue is open throughout the working week in ‘after school hours’.

Where to play Cricket in South Manchester?

Looking to play cricket in South Manchester? William Hulme Grammar School may be the best place for you. With pristine artificial nets, the facilities are ideal for practicing your batting game. Moreover, the venue is accessible, particularly via public transport; Springbridge bus station is a mere stone’s throw from the venue. Between Monday and Friday, the facilities are open from 18:00 till 22:00 for your convenience.

Where to play Cricket in Central Manchester?

Central Manchester boasts some of the nation’s best sporting facilities and the Armitage Centre is no exception. The indoor facilities are perfect for practicing your skills or competing inside. Located near Moseley Road station, the leisure centre ensures your cricket skills are all you need to worry about. If you wish to play during the working week, you are in luck. The venue is open between 9:00 and 23:00 from Monday to Friday, as well as 10:00-20:00 on the Weekend.

Where to play Cricket in East Manchester?

Levenshulme’s The Manchester Enterprise Academy Central is one of Manchester’s best venues. Near Levenshulme station, the venue is both easy access and a comfortable playing experience. The staff are friendly, personable and help maintain the wonderful indoor nets for your leisure. From Monday till Friday the venue is open from 17:00-22:00, and 10:00-22:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Where to play Cricket in West Manchester?

Looking to put yourself into England bowling contention? Urmston Sports Club is an ideal venue. Offering both artificial and grass facilities, with Urmston station nearby, the sports club is the complete sporting package. Be sure to check the facilities out from Monday to Friday, with the venue accessible from 18:00- 23:00.