Where to play Netball in London

London is a dynamic hub of sporting culture. One of the capitals most played sports is Netball, a sport booming in popularity. With the 2019 Netball World Cup held in England, the sport has never been stronger in the country. If you are looking to join the ever-growing list of upcoming players, Playfinder is here to help. We have assembled a list of the best venues in the Capital for your convenience.

Where to play Netball in North London?

Are you in North London, unsure of where to play netball? You should look no further than Marlborough Sports Garden. The venue is distinctly clean and well-maintained by friendly staff, making every game a pleasant experience. Moreover, given how close London Bridge station is, each visit will be easy and stress-free from the journey to the match.

Where to play Netball in South London?

South London boasts some of the best facilities in the capital. Carshalton High School For Girls is no exception. The venue is easily accessible via public transport, specifically Carshalton station, making for a comfortable start to your game. When you arrive, the facilities are of the highest standard for you to play netball unencumbered, with the nets regularly maintained. Throughout the week, the venue is open on after school hours, perfect for a post-work game.

Where to play Netball in Central London?

The Colombo Centre is a wonderful venue to play netball in London. Offering a diverse range of facilities, the leisure centre presents you with the chance to improve not only your netball but general sporting acumen. Throughout the working week, the venue is open from 6:45am till 10pm. With a wide range of sporting facilities and available playing times, make sure you hop on the train to Southwark station and get playing.

Where to play Netball in East London?

Ilford’s Isaac Newton Academy is one of the best Netball venues in East London. Boasting spotless and ready-made facilities, the venue is tailor-made for you to play netball. A mere stone’s throw from Seven King’s station, you can play all week round. From Monday to Friday, the venue is open from 6pm till 10pm and, on weekends from 9am till 6pm.

Where to play Netball in West London?

Will To Win Hyde Park is amongst the best places to play netball in West London. Located near South Kensington station, the facilities are regularly checked to sustain their high standard. With friendly staff and easy access via public transport, be sure to check out the venue open from 7am till 10pm all throughout the week.