Where to play Squash in London

London is a dynamic hub of sporting culture. Boasting some of the nation’s best stadia and talent, the drive to get active is as high as ever in the capital. Squash, though underrepresented in the mainstream, is a sport in demand. If you are wondering where to play squash, Playfinder have compiled a list of the best venues for your squash game to thrive.

Where to play squash in North London?

Looking to play squash in North London? Finsbury Leisure Centre is a well-maintained, large court for you to play Squash with your friends. Old Street station is a mere stone’s throw away, ideal for a game after work or on the weekend. From Monday to Friday, the facilities are open from 6:30am till 10pm and on the weekend times vary. On Saturday, the leisure centre is open at 9:30am till 6pm whereas Sunday offers open facilities from 10am till 8:30.

Where to play squash in South London?

South London’s Croydon Gas Sports Club is a wonderful venue to play a game of Squash all week round. Clean and dynamic facilities are the standard at the Croydon Gas Sports Club. Coupled with the convenient public transport links, through nearby Waddon station, the venue is one of the best places to play squash in South London.

Where to play squash in Central London?

Islington is home to an excellent squash venue, Ironmonger Row Baths. Near Old Street station, the leisure centre offers the chance to play one-off games or arrange regular week to week bookings and the benefits do not stop there. The venue also provides rental opportunities for squash rackets for your convenience. On weekdays, Ironmonger Row Baths is open between 6:30am till 21:30pm and, on Weekends from 9:00am till 18.00pm.

Where to play squash in East London?

In East London, looking for the best venue to play squash? Look no further than the Walthamstow Leisure Centre. Located near Walthamstow Central station, the venue offers pristine facilities with friendly staff making the leisure centre a delightful place to exercise with friends. During the week, the venue from Monday to Friday between 7am till 10pm and, on the weekend, the venue is open at 9am. However, Saturday and Sunday differ in their close times; Saturday the venue closes at 6pm and on Sunday, 5pm.

Where to play squash in West London?

Seymour Leisure Centre in West London is one of the best places to play squash in the area. With Edgware Road station close to the venue, the venue is ideal for a game. As the venue is open between 6.30am till 10pm, there is a large window to play before or after the working day. If you are unable to play in the week, the weekend offers even more opportunities to play. On weekends, Seymour Leisure is open between 7am till 8pm on Saturday and from 8am on Sunday.