Where to play Tennis in Manchester

Britain has always boasted a rich tennis history. From the great players to the world’s most iconic grass courts at Wimbledon, tennis has been a staple of the British sporting diet. In a city so deeply engrained in sporting history, such as Manchester, the demand to play tennis has always been insatiable. If you’re looking to lace up your trainers and ready your racket, Playfinder is here to help. We have assembled a list of some of Manchester’s best places to play tennis for your convenience.

Where to play Tennis in Central Manchester?

Looking to play tennis in Central Manchester? Look no further than Stretford Grammar School as they present both immaculate courts and personable staff to make your experience a pleasant one. Located near Stretford station, the venue is an easy commute via public transport. Throughout the working week, courts are available for booking after school hours.

Where to play Tennis in South Manchester?

Prestwich Sports Club boasts some of the best facilities in the city. With large, spacious courts a game of singles or doubles has the perfect platform to flourish. From Monday to Friday, the venue is open between 7pm and 11pm for an after-work game. Additionally, Prestwich Sports Club offer extended availability on the weekend. On both Saturday and Sunday, be sure to check out the facilities between 11am and 11pm.

Where to play Tennis in East Manchester?

East Manchester’s Wright Robinson Leisure provides a wonderful platform for you to channel your inner Andy Murray. Situated near Fairfield station, the venue is open all week round for single bookings or more regular fixtures. From Monday to Friday, the venue is open between 4pm and 9:30pm and on the weekend, from 8:30am till 6pm.

Where to play Tennis in West Manchester?

Searching for the best place to play tennis in West Manchester? Robin Park Leisure Centre may be your solution. Open from 6.30am till 10pm Monday to Friday, with additional availability on the weekend, the venue is perfect for some exercise after work. The venue is a mere stone’s throw from Robin Park Retail Park bus stop, be sure to dust off your racket and get playing.