Sport variations you should know about

We have seen the rise in sport variations during 2019, will 2020 be the year some of them come to fruition in the UK?

At Playfinder we offer up to 19 different sports, but there are three not on the platform yet that we hope to introduce as bookable sports soon.

Padel tennis

The first sport variation being padel tennis which has seen a monumental rise in the numbers of players dubbed ‘as the world’s fastest-growing sport’. Especially in Spain where there are over ten times more padel players than tennis. Padel is an adaptation from tennis usually played in doubles with the area of play covering just one third the size of a tennis court. Scoring is the same system as tennis. The main variation of padel from tennis is the walls surrounding the court, allowing players to use them during a point much like squash.

Reasons we have seen the sport thrive are:

  • Not as physically demanding as tennis
  • Cheap
  • Social sport
  • Easy to play

If you are looking to install a padel court the price can range from £10,000 to £25,000 for a professional standard. However, if you are looking for a casual knockabout it can amount to less than £5 per person. The sport has been taken by storm in Spain, so keep your eyes peeled for courts popping up in your community.


The next sport variation we have is Teqball, an alternative of ping pong that is played with a football on a curved table tennis table. Unlike padel tennis, Teqball tests the players’ skill and ability to be able to control and return the ball to their opponent. Teqball is typically played in singles or doubles during a competition, but you could easily fit three or four on either side of the table. It is a game of three sets; each set is a race to 20 points. The game is one for those football enthusiasts looking to improve their spatial awareness, touch and concentration. It has been widely recognised on social media being played by professional players who make the game look simple.

Teqball is a little harder to get your hands on, with the cost of the table ranging from £795 to £2,999.


The last sport variation we take a look at Spikeball, which is inspired by elements of volleyball. A Spikeball net is set on the ground in the shape of a circle. It begins with the server bouncing the ball off the net for the receiver to hit the ball back into the net with their hand. You do get the opportunity to set up your team who may be in a better position to strike back; the idea is to bounce the ball off the net in a way that is too difficult to return.

Spikeball has 4 million players worldwide, with the majority of players based in America. The Spikeball Roundnet Championship this year takes place in Belgium with thousands of entries across the globe.

A typical Spikeball kit costs £34.99 to £90, a reason for its popularity is that it can be played anywhere from a local park, the beach or a sports hall.


feature image credits: Archivo:Natalia Guitler en Teqball.jpg – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre