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Support #TryYourKitOn Campaign

Sport and physical activity is for everybody and Sport and Recreation Alliance are running a brilliant initiative to get people active called #TryYourKitOn


Earlier in the year Sport England delivered its new strategy that focused on encouraging the inactive to get involved in sport and physical activity.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games have grabbed the attention of the nation over the summer and helped inspire people to engage with sports.  

Government cuts of between 25-40% to sport’s funding from the Exchequer are widely predicted as part of the Spending Review on Friday 25th November.

These reductions at this level for the Department For Culture, Media and Sport would cost community and grassroots sport considerable amounts of funding.

Sport and Recreation Alliance continues to drum up support from the grassroots sector to campaign and protect investments in sports.

Playfinder has been playing its role in reaching out to the inactive by harnessing technology to remove barriers to entry of partaking in physical activity. By providing an intuitive, easy to use search and booking platform for sports means users can find and book sporting venues with just a few clicks.

Focus has moved on from simple participation to help communicate the huge benefits of conducting an active way a living.

These revolve around physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing and individual development.

An APP launched at the end of last year to give more incentive to the inactive to get into sports and activities.

Now all it takes is to turn to your phone to search for the closest pitch or court, then actually playing sport will become second nature just as it has to order a taxi or take-aways on mobiles.  

Join the Sport and Recreation #TryYourKitOn campaign and show support for the grassroots world.

Check out the Playfinder homepage to discover where your local sports venue is and book any of 15 sports online – support TryYourKitOn.