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What is Teqball? The World’s Fastest Growing Sport

What is it?

Teqball is a new and innovative way to play your favorite sports, from Football (or Teqball), to Ping Pong (Teqpong). The multiple functions are down to the curved shape of the Teq Table, which makes it easier to play sports such as Football and Volleyball, wherein movement and a range of space is key. Blending Football with Table Tennis, the table has the short net of the game, but in the new sport’s case, it is completely solid, allowing you to play a variety of repetitive games without being interrupted!

It’s became popular with social media

It’s the curved shape that Teqball plays into, especially on its social media. Boasting over 80.5k followers on Instagram, they feature clips of stars such as Luke Shaw and Nemanja Matic using the table. Nearly every clip and picture features the common hashtag – #WorldIsCurved. If you follow their socials, then you’d certainly think the world’s been taken over by Teqball, as it shows players all over the world using the table, from France to Palestine.


Teqball’s Olympic future

This is most likely also down to the creators aim for the sport’s future. Created by co-founders Borsanyi, Gattyan, and Huszar, their online website suggests they see Teqball as being an Olympic sport in the future, and with their following increasing daily, there’s no doubt that the ‘less is more’ sport will be going far.

Although, at £1990 for a ‘One’ table and £2490 for a ‘Smart’ table, it’s by no means an easily affordable sports item. However, if you’re an avid sports fan, and no stranger to trying out new trending sports, than this will definitely be the right fit for you! If you’re looking for something cheaper, you can always book a tennis-table space or 5-a-side at Playfinder today.

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