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The greatest sporting comebacks so far.

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The sporting world has witnessed a plethora of incredible comebacks including the likes of Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods and many more.  Playfinder take’s a look at a few of these incredible comeback stories. These stories may shock & inspire you so be prepared to experience many emotions. 

Tiger Woods

After an eventful decade, Tiger Woods came back with a mighty roar. His victory came at The Masters last weekend, which was his major victory after 5 years. Wood’s finished with a two-under-par 70.

Wood’s has faced plenty of backlash due to personal circumstances as well as a string of injuries. Due to this he was written off by many and slipped as low as 1,199 in the ranks.

Woods has been an integral part of redefining golf and bringing it back to the masses. With Tiger’s only 3 major titles away from overtaking Jack Nicklaus, the next green jacket is Wood’s for the taking.


Monica Seles

April 30th 1993. The day that turned Monica Seles life around. During the Citizen cup match against Maleeva, Seles received a fatal stab from a bystander. Prior to the incident, the Yugoslavian born player was on a 2-year unbeaten streak. Becoming a grand slam winner at the tender age of 16 and securing 55 titles.

The injuries and psychological trauma sustained from the incident abruptly halted Sele’s career. However 2 years on from the incident, Seles made her comeback at the 1996 Australian Open, and went on to win her final grand slam.


Shaun Livingston

On February 26th 2007 Shaun Livingston had it all going for him whilst playing the Charlotte Bobcats. But a lay-up gone wrong cost Livingston’s career to come to an abrupt halt. After tearing 3 ligaments, it was thought to be a career ending injury.

With low chances of recovery and major doubts of Livingston returning to the NBA, many lost hope. However a year and a half after painful rehabilitation, Livingston was back and ready to prove a point. Although he was cut and waived for 10 years, Livingston landed a role as a backup point guard for Stephen Curry.

Now, Livingston is a top tier NBA player for the Golden State Warriors and back better than ever. Shaun Livingston is a comeback story that shows the effect of what hard work and a great attitude can get you.



Barcelona made history on the 14th of February 2017. After a 4-0 loss to Paris St-Germain in the first leg of the Champions League last 16. Barcelona made an astonishing comeback with a 6-1 victory. The team was on top form whilst PSG’s defence was questionable. Suarez scored the opening goal 5 minutes into the match.

It was the second half of the match that had spectators grabbing their seats. With 3 of Barcelona’s goals coming after the 88th minute from the likes of Messi and Neymar. But it was the last minute that turned it all around for Barcelona. Roberto had the final shot when he volleyed the ball into the net in the last 30 seconds.

Never has a team recovered from such a deficit in Champions League history. This football comeback will definitely be spoken about for years to come.


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