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Top 10 Sunday League Blunders

We love a bit of Sunday League action here at Playfinder. You can find some cracking goals and witness skill worthy of the top division, but it can also be a goldmine of glaring misses, shocking own goals and embarrassing injuries.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 Sunday League blunders, so sit back and watch the chaos unfold…

10. This is actually a great header to be fair, it’s just a shame it’s into his own net…

Great floating header. Too bad it’s at the wrong end ?pic.twitter.com/4l6lOz1yzY

— Playfinder London (@Playfinder) March 5, 2017

Credit: @GrassRootGoals_


9. Another defensive howler. He does all that work to get back and fluffs it on the line. Shocker.

That defending ? pic.twitter.com/znZ5IgYj33

— Playfinder London (@Playfinder) March 20, 2017

Credit: @GrassRootGoals_



8. So your penalty’s been saved but all you have to do is get the rebound in. No problem, Hazard only did it the other night. Easy…

You should always follow in your strikes. Just a bit better than this… pic.twitter.com/nU3JWUvifg

— Playfinder London (@Playfinder) April 1, 2017

Credit: @101GreatGoals


7. Very sporting of this guy to give the other team a helping hand.

“Yeah, I’ve played in goal before…” pic.twitter.com/Sz4aAefDRa

— Playfinder London (@Playfinder) April 2, 2017

Credit: @GrassRootGoals_


6. Get your penalty saved and miss the rebound. What a slap in the face.

Just when he thought it couldn’t get any worse… ? pic.twitter.com/C1O3ckgmnr

— Playfinder London (@Playfinder) April 3, 2017

Credit: @GrassRootGoals_


5. Got to admire the team effort in this one. Proper Sunday League. 

Doesn’t get more Sunday League ️than this ⚽️ pic.twitter.com/4XpwJN3BvL

— Playfinder London (@Playfinder) March 28, 2017

Credit: @GrassRootGoals_


4. This lad really didn’t want a clean sheet.

Proper Sunday League keeping ? pic.twitter.com/UERwBX7muR

— Playfinder London (@Playfinder) March 14, 2017

Credit: @footyinsider147

3. This miss is actually impressive. He doesn’t even react.

What a miss ? pic.twitter.com/1k8LQO86pE

— Playfinder London (@Playfinder) March 1, 2017

Credit: @GrassRootGoals_

2. This one’s got a bicycle kick, two goal line saves, an injured keeper… but no goal. 

Some classic Sunday League goal mouth action to see you into the weekend. ouch… pic.twitter.com/FUPbteHQAl

— Playfinder London (@Playfinder) March 10, 2017

Credit: @GrassRootGoals_


1. Faced with an open goal after rounding the keeper, surely you can’t miss…

It doesn’t get much more Sunday League than this… ? pic.twitter.com/bnbdJhPCRh

— Playfinder London (@Playfinder) February 21, 2017

Credit: @GrassRootGoals_


There are some real shockers in there, but if you have your own Sunday League blunders or wonder goals caught on video, send them our way on Twitter at @Playfinder and we’ll share the best.