Top 10 Worst Premier League Kits

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The Premier League has seen some shocking kits since it was introduced in 1992 – so why not go through the worst Premier League kits! Feast your eyes on the monstrosities below!

1. Chelsea Away Kit 1994-1996

A shocking grey and orange combination – even Ruud Gullit couldn’t pull it off!

Chelsea Away 96-96

2. Manchester United Away Kit 1995/96

It was clear what the fans thought as this kit has been voted ‘worst ever kit’ in a fans’ poll.

Even the manager hated it! Fergie once used the kit as an excuse to losing a game as ‘the players couldn’t pick each other out. They said it was difficult to see their team-mates at distance when they lifted their heads.’

Man United Away 95

3. Liverpool Third Kit 2013/14

What is going on? Too many colours, too many patterns.

Liverpool had a smashing season in 2013/14, which was lucky, because they looked a right mess when on their travels!

Liverpool Third 13/14

4. Everton Away Kit 2010/11

Monstrosity. Everton were sponsored by a Thai Beer company for this season but it would’ve been much more appropriate to be sponsored by Barbie!

Everton Away 10/11

5. Liverpool Goalkeeper Kit 1995-97

As worn by David James – what was worse? Definitely a common kit when football fans think of the worst Premier League kits.

Liverpool GK Kit 95-97

6. Chelsea Away Kit 2007/08

This luminous-yellow kit wasn’t one of Chelsea’s best. I’m sure the players had to make sure they were passing to each-other and not a steward.

Chelsea Away 07/08

7. Tottenham Third Kit 2016/17

A historic season for Tottenham – highest ever finish and the last season at White Hart Lane.

However, sporting this kit on the few occasions was unfair for their fans!

Tottenham Third 16/17

8. Manchester United Third Kit 1992-94

While iconic for United fans – the shirt was pretty bad and a reminder to why they switched to red!

Half-and-half shirts have a tendency to be awful.

Manchester United Third Kit 1993

9. Huddersfield Third Kit 2017/18

The only kit on the list coming from this season! Fingers crossed we never have to see this.

Huddersfield Third Kit 17/18

10. Nottingham Forest Away Kit 1995-97

Looks like a child has gone a crayon rampage – shocking.

Nottingham Forest