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Top 5: Reasons for block booking football pitches

Block booking football pitches is the best way to ensure you and your team-mates have a place to play, reducing any of the stress or hassle that so many face when attempting to secure football pitches. Playfinder reviews the top-5 reasons why block-booking is the way to go forward.

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1. Security

One of the biggest problems facing local football sides is securing quality football pitches for an extended period of time. Time and time again teams have to either cancel fixtures, or play on inadequate surfaces which takes away some of the enjoyment from the beautiful game. Remove all of those doubts by block booking a football pitch for the required amount of weeks you’d like. Playfinder offers availability for some of the best grass and 3G astroturf pitches in the UK, so secure your pitch for the season now and eliminate any potential problems!

2. Convenience

Convenience is a major factor for block-booking your football pitch. There is nothing worse than playing at a certain venue at 10am one week, then finding out prior to your next game you’re required to get yourself to a different venue, at a time unbeknown to you. Whilst preparing for a top-of-the-table clash, the last thing needed is the stress of trying to figure out where you’re playing on a Saturday afternoon. Take full advantage in the convenience of block-booking your football pitch.

3. The social side

A reason many play regular football for their local side is the social aspect enjoyed when playing each week. With many enduring busy schedules during the week, it can be difficult to find the time to see your friends. Block booking a football pitch, for 10 weeks as an example, guarantees you seeing your mates and having a kick-about at least 10 times. The social side is as good a reason as any to block book, after all the game is there to be enjoyed!


4. Health & well-being

An obvious one, but vitally important nonetheless. Block booking a football pitch guarantees regular exercise which will contribute to your general health and well-being. One of the greatest benefits from regular exercise is the improvement to your mental fitness, a term that is becoming better understood by the day. You feel good about yourself after finishing a game right? This is due to the body releasing endorphins during exercise, which organically boost your mood. Combined with sport being a natural stress reliever, it is now recognised as one of the biggest assets in the fight against mental health – so get playing!

5. Receive a free Playfinder shirt!

Arguably the greatest gift of them all comes in the form of a complimentary Nike Playfinder shirt. Anyone who makes a block booking for 10 or more weeks before September 26th is entitled to a shirt*. To see the latest availability on block-booking and read the terms and conditions*regarding how to receive a Playfinder shirt, please click here.

Free Nike Shirt for Block Bookers

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