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Playfinder’s Top 5 Sport Documentaries

Last week, households around the UK came together to applaud the magnificent work the NHS is doing to fight COVID-19. Following another week of government announcements regarding the battle against the virus, it is now of paramount importance to follow the instructions to #StayHome.

There is a great deal of things we can do around the house to keep the body and mind active, whether that be tuning into Joe Wicks’ daily workout or finally reading that book which has been gathering dust on the shelf.

But if you’re now running out of ideas and looking for a much-needed dose of sport and entertainment, then we’ve got you covered.

Following on from last week’s top five sports films, Playfinder have put together a list of our five highest recommended sports documentaries for all of you sport enthusiasts to soak up and binge-watch in the coming days.

So once again, lets kick it off..

5)   Icarus (2017)   IMDb Rating: 7.9

This documentary is on a mission to uncover the real truth of doping within sport. Tackling the rise of performance-enhancing drugs within professional sport, Bryan Fogel demonstrates how the substances can easily go undetected even now, in a gripping take on one of sport’s biggest scandals.


4)   The Game Changers (2019)   IMDb Rating: 7.9

A one-time controversial take on sport diets and the rise of vegan diets in professional sport. This new documentary offers a thought-provoking take on the nutritional science of sport but also the wider environmental impacts that the rise of veganism. Featuring the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lewis Hamilton, this one is well worth a watch, if not just for a living room family debate.


3)   Sunderland Til I Die (2018)   IMDb Rating: 8.2

This action-packed, emotional docuseries follows the highs and lows of Sunderland AFC through the 2017/18 while they battle against relegation. In a city that lives and breathes football, the pressures of running a successful football club are on full display as The Black Cats struggle to survive in the Championship. Make sure you get this watched before April 1st, when Season 2 is available to watch on Netflix.


2)   The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team (2020)   IMDb Rating: 9.2

This brand-new Amazon original gives unprecedented access into Australia’s national cricket team and follows the baggie greens’ through a tough period after the 2018 ball tampering scandal involving Aussie skipper, Steve Smith. This fly-on-the-wall docuseries features new coach Justin Langer fight to rejuvenate the once great team and rebuild their reputation.


1)   All Or Nothing: Manchester City (2018)   IMDb Rating: 8.4

Another behind-the scenes docuseries, this time a look into the rise of new PL giants Manchester City during the 2017/18 season as new manager Pep Guardiola fights for his first Premier League trophy with the Citizens. Off the field, the club officials are working hard to bring in new stars in a bid to challenge for European success.


Another victory for Pep’s sky-blue army! Let us know your favourite sports documentary on twitter at @playfinder.

feature image source: @mancity